Fabletics: A Company Run With Ambition

The team behind Fabletics has started the company with a ton of ambition. Their goals were not just to be the most successful company in the fashion industry. They have also wanted to change the fashion industry for the better of many people. The people have wanted to make changes to the fashion industry in many of the areas that have been neglected. Among the areas of fashion that have seen a lot of neglect when it comes to creativity are athletic clothing and menswear. These are the areas that are considered uninspired. This is also the area where sales aren’t as good.


One good thing that people are noticing is that there are more men that are taking an interest in fashion. Of course with this interest in fashion, there is going to be a type of curiosity for something new and different. Fabletics is the poster child for new and different clothing. They have made it a point to bring something new and fun to the table. To make things better, they have seen that there is a lot of joy that comes with the fun of shopping at Fabletics. They have also noticed the men in this case.


Given the growing number of male fashion shoppers, Kate Hudson has decided to open up a men’s line for Fabletics. This gives men a chance to enjoy some of the clothes that are uniquely designed and carry with it a unique personality. They are experiencing an increase in sales as they make sure that they are giving the men what they want. Also, their method of collecting data about their customer makes it easier for them to supply the types of clothes their customers want. Therefore, they have a smaller chance of having items that are left over.


One of the best aspects of TechStyle, the family that Fabletics is a part of is that they are global minded when it comes to fashion. One good thing for them to do is to look to other influences so that they can bring forth some of the most interesting and fun pieces of fashion. There are a ton of styles throughout the world that are very amazing to look at. Fashion companies that bring forth eastern styles are going to gain a lot of popularity. After all, there is something deeper about the styles from the east than what people in the west are used to.

How Nine9 Help Models Reach Their Dreams

Nine9 is an agency that helps aspiring actors and models obtain roles in television, movies, and other media. Among the services they provide is an online site that provides 24/7 access to casting and audition opportunities. They also provide each client with a website page including their pictures and specialties, 24/7 alerts of casting calls in their area that matches their expertise, and monthly workshops that introduce them to industry leaders.

Nine9 Talent Agency is different than their competitors because their relationship with clients is built on a two-way street. Nine9 invests the time and energy in developing their client’s exposure and talent and, in exchange, the client needs to do the same. Nine9 also is different in that they offer a commission free service so that their clients can reach their full economic potential.

There are a number of success stories associated with Nine9. One success story is Barbara S. of Oak Lawn, Illinois. Barbara has appeared on a number of Runway shows in Chicago and in theater as well including being a lead dancer in a Guys and Dolls performance.

Another success story associated with Nine9 is Maxine H. who was picked to appear in the background on Extra in Wheels and Homeland. She also just completed an audition for a Samsung commercial that is slated to appear across the United States in a national advertisement.

One other person that has had success with Nine9 is Steven H. who credits the company with opening up a world of opportunity. Within just the first few months of his profile appearing he was able to land a number of local auditions. His success with Nine9 has led to his appearance in a short film. He has also found the opportunity to co-host a tv talk show.