Norman Pattiz releases a New Show for PodcastOne, All of the Above with Norman Lear

PodcastOne is the top rated podcast in the world with over 400 million impressions. The podcast network was launched in the year 2012 as Launch Pad, but has since changed its name to PodcastOne. One of the reasons for its success is the fact that it is owned by one of the best media professionals in the world, Norman Pattiz.

Norman Pattiz has over 4 decades of experience in the syndicated media industry. He founded Westwood One, which came to be the world’s leading source of entertainment, news and sports. He was the CEO of the company before selling it. He was also selected, by President Bill Clinton, to be in the Broadcasting Board of Governors, in the year 2000. He was again reappointed to the board in the year 2002 and was placed in charge of launching Televison and Radio, in Arabic language, in all the 22 Middle East Countries. And, in the year 2009, he was appointed to the National Radio Hall of Fame.

First forward to the year 2012, a few years after retiring, Norman Pattiz was introduced to Kit Gray, who had this brilliant idea of starting a podcast. Having been in the media industry for so long, he knew that this was the future and even though he was retired, this wasn’t an opportunity he was ready to let pass him. Therefore, he partnered with Kit Gray and began PodcastOne. Learn more:

Today, PodcastOne continues to be at a competitive edge above all its competitors because of the numerous shows that it hosts. With PodcastOne, you will find shows ranging from religion, sports, comedy, politics, and paranormal. The variety of shows, which have episodes released every Monday, is one of the reasons why the podcast is so successful.

Recently, the podcast opened a new show, All of the Above with Norman Lear. The new show will discuss all possible life topics ( Norman Lear with co-host Paul Hipp will be hosting the show. They will be host politicians, religious leaders, celebrities in various industries and commoners.

During the press release for this show, both Norman Pattiz and Norman Lear expressed a lot of enthusiasm working together. Norman Lear’s many years of experience would give PodcastOne a push in the right direction. Also, Norman Lear commented that he had also always wanted to do a podcast in the second half of his life. Therefore, acquiring this position is a dream come true.

The impressive career of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo


Currently, Sanchez is the Chief Executive Officer of Editorial Televisa. Galindo was born in 1975, in Cruz Manca in Mexico City. He attained his degree in mathematics in Instituto Technologico. Later, Galindo also furthered his studies and undertook executive education at Stanford University. He took other minor and major courses to increase his knowledge base. From his studies and experience, Galindo has been able to run different positions.

Professional career

Having received recognition in different fields in his business career, Sanchez has been entrusted with high profiled positions in major firms. In these companies, Sanchez served in different capacities. For six years, Sanchez was the chief financial minister in Mexico. In this position, he handled different financial related challenges and this improved his understanding of the financial systems. Later, he joined a team of doctors in helping the less fortunate to access better medical care. There a lot of people who cannot afford quality healthcare and for this reason, a group of physicians came together to help them. Having had a background in financial management, Sanchez became a member without a requirement of being a physician. He managed finances and gave directions on how expenditure should be handled.

The developing career before Televisa

Earning the title CEO is a not an easy task. There has to be a lot of experience involved and an above average understanding of the systems operations. In his professional career, Sanchez has had a good professional career and an outstanding track record. Having held several other positions in the past, his current success as the CEO of the Grupo Televisa is an indication of successful leadership.

Sanchez as the CEO of Grupo Televisa

With his impressive academic achievement, Sanchez created a good professional profile that has marketed his operations. He has been influential in advertising, broadcasting, media, and in general entertainment. One of his greatest achievements in his career in Televisa is the increase in revenues to the current $10 billion a year. In the history of Grupo Televisa, there has never been such an achievement under any leadership. This success seems huge, but there are other policies which he has developed to help in maintaining the current company profile. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo o has created a leadership style in the company where more than 10000 employees can be managed without having to strain. With this success, it is salient to conclude that it is safe to look up to him for career development and success in business operations.


George Soros; the Epitome of Resilience

80-year-old George Soros is the epitome of resilience and is still active in influencing policy changes through public and private advocacy with world leaders. Having fled Hungary in 1930, Soros who survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary is an enigma that ranges from a ‘rags-to-riches’ story, coupled with a reality of the typically coveted American dream. He fled to London where he attended the London School of Economics.Energetic Soros worked two part-time jobs, as a porter and waiter, to see him through school. According to, his move to New York marked the beginning of his good fortune. Armed with principles of investment and borrowing heavily from Karl Popper’s principles, combining science and politics, Soros was able to reach unimaginable financial heights.

One would be forgiven for mistakenly thinking that George Soros is a pure capitalist. This enigma may have amassed wealth to the tune of $25.2 billion, listing him as the 19th richest hedge-fund wizard but this has only made him more open-fisted. With over $12 billion accounted as support to open societies and national organizations, Soros affirms the relevance of Open Societies.As revealed by, Soros the founder of the Open Society Foundations believes in individuals having a right to enjoy their own lives since different people develop divergent views and interests with a right to reside in peace. As such, this generous man has some causes and organizations successfully supported.From the black South Africans enjoying scholarships to the expansion of this financial assistance to the United States of America, Africa, and Asia after the collapse of the Berlin wall; his financial assistance knows no limits.

According to George Soros is fearless in supporting complex causes, some of which may not necessarily have a solution. He focuses on freedom of expression, adherence to the rule of law, accountability of governments to its citizenry, democratic governments, media matters, environmental and climate policies, marginalized and minority communities like the LGBTI.Through his philanthropic nature, he combats the capitalist threat that is typical of individuals who amass wealth and keep it for themselves using it to oppress others as coined by Karl Mark on the ‘proletariat and the bourgeoisie.’ Soros is not your typical wall street executive.

He utilizes his wealth to fight for liberal academic life and further, according to the, he agitates for freedom of speech and choice, literally bringing the ‘Open Society’ to life.Unlike capitalists who may not strive to empower others, Soros can, through his generous nature; create accountable, transparent, non-discriminatory and democratic societies that in turn strengthen the citizenry. He promotes the open exchange of ideas and critical thinking through endowment funds in universities. There is no end to George Soros’ contribution to societies, at home and abroad. What stands out is his resilient spirit that survived what over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were unable to escape. He has utilized this gift of life and strength in empowering and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Andrew Rolfe Is Passionate About Helping The Disadvantaged Children In The Society

The Ubuntu Fund has been at the center of providing the needy children with various services that seeks to enhance their lives. Through their human resource and funds, the institution has succeeded in supporting over 400,000 children from needy families across Africa. In 1999, Jacob Lief and Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula, partnered to found the Ubuntu Education Fund.

Back then, they started by providing the disadvantaged children with education. Soon, they came to the realization that most children were not attending school on a regular basis and the few who did were not performing well in class. This situation prompted the two to undertake a comprehensive research to unearth the reasons thereof. The results of the study showed that most children would go to school hungry while some students came from families that had been infected or affected by the HIV/AIDs epidemic. To this end, Jacob and Banks resolved to provide the children with quality healthcare services and nutrition.

In the spirit of wanting to help more children, Andrew Rolfe and the leadership of the Ubuntu Fund organized a dinner in London. At the gala, Rolfe was responsible for providing the 300 guests with entertainment and tasty dishes. When preparing for the event, the management of the Fund set a target of £600,000. At the end of the event, the leadership of the institution posited that the guests had raised more than £603,000. Some of the renowned persons who graced the occasion include Jacob Lief. While speaking to the audience, Lief talked of the need of providing children with adequate resources for them to grow into adulthood.

This amount would be expended in developing the Fund’s pediatric clinic and expanding the school campus, which is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. After all these projects have been completed, the Fund would enroll more needy children from the region.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew has been serving as the chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund for a long period. Under his visionary leadership, the institution has helped many needy children in the society. In addition, he has been heavily involved in enhancing the success of the organization.

Rolfe has vast management skills. This is because he has rendered his services for different leading corporations, including PepsiCo Restaurants International, the Gap, Pret A. Manger and Booker Foodservice.


Creg Secker Exceptional Trading Values

Trading is one of the most vital practices that are generally deal with investing and creating trades mostly on the present trend apparent in the economic market globally. Furthermore, a lot of entrepreneurs constantly prefer to enter in trading so they can make more income. Greg Secker is able to help those entrepreneurs who want to be thriving and get more profit through offering them better guidance which they should follow to attain their goals.

A trader should have enough knowledge on the vital things which are important in the trading industry and do not pursue the trading industry for more income and he is certain that Forex is the vital part of the market method because they are mostly used in the trading procedure. Hence it is seen as the fundamental trading sector.

Furthermore, a trader to be successful they must ensure they look for professional expertise that has more knowledge in the trading sector because they will be able to guide them through the better ways of trading manner hence it will enable them to make the right choices and be successful.

A trader should also have unique trading style and abide by it because it will enable a trader who is starting to have the competence and the outcome will be much better. Also, it will help a trader not to make awful decision hence more profit will be attained.

In addition being reasonable, decisiveness and constantly recognizing your objectives are the main thing in the trading sector because one is able to avoid challenges and loss in trading. A trader is also must also be steady in order not to be faced with hard situations. Through having better techniques and having a better budget on the amount of cash that will be used it will enable a trader to be more cautious on the cash that will be used hence losses will not occur.

Greg Secker is a thriving businessman who established Knowledge to Action Group in 2003 and the company offers trading software and technology. He went to the University of Nottingham and attained bachelors in Agricultural and Food Sciences.