Rocketship Education and Their Approach to Schooling

Rocketship Education is a series of chartered school in the United States of America. The first school was erected a handful of years ago in San Jose, California. John Danner and Preston Smith established the started the non-profit charter schools and the first one opened its doors in 2007.

The very first Rocketship Education school was a complete success as the students surpassed the scores of several elite schools at the state assessment in California. That success allowed the charter to build a second school and a few more over the nex t five years. All of the sic additional school were established in the San Jose area.

After that, Rocketship Education expanded in other states as well. In 2013, the charter schools started working outside of the state of California. The first non-Californian RE school was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A year later, another one followed in Nashville, Tenessee.

Even though the Rocketship Education headquarters are based in Redwood City, California, there was no RE school in the area. That is, until in 2015 when parents gathered to raise enough funds to help establish a charter school in the city. That was a special milestone for the charter group. What the parents did showed the organization that their efforts and work are appreciated and that they are wanted enough for people to take the initiative.

In 2016, Washington D. C. also got a Rocketship Education charter school. That one received the help of the Apple Tree Institute which helped the RE to do preschooling as well. Other helpers included the Turner-Agassi Charter Facilities Fund which has been supporting the RE for a few years now.

There are a few things that have made the Rocketship Education charter school as special as they are. They have a different approach to education and involve both parents and students in the learning schedules. The schools incorporate several disciplines every day and track the interest of the students. The schools also work toward helping the student find their interests and talents and develop them.

The teaching approach is known as the Rocketship approach and parents say that it does wonders for their kids.

Payment Processing Company Acquired by Securus Technologies

Prison technology and government payment processing giant, Securus Technologies, announced that the company has acquired GovPayNet, one of the largest payment processors in the industry. The deal will allow GovPayNet, headquartered in Indianapolis, to operate under that name in the future. The company was formed in 1997 and specializes in processing government debit and credit payments, and has current contracts with over 3,500 agencies in the United States. Their business covers over 26% of U.S. counties. The move will allow Securus the capability to process over 1.2 million payments per year, establishing the company as the premier player in that space.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based technology company that specializes in inmate self-service, phone and video conferencing, biometric analysis, emergency management, and incident management to over 2,300 corrections facilities in North America. The company employees over 1,000 people in Dallas and three other regional offices in the United States. The move to acquire GovPayNet is the latest in a number of acquisitions by the company in the past 10 years, as they have positioned themselves as the number one provider of inmate and parolee communications. The CEO of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie, will stay in his leadership role at the company.


Entrepreneurship with Dr. Mark McKenna

Born in New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he wanted to become a physician from a young age. The son of a doctor, he saw medicine as a way to give back and help people live their best possible lives. However, he also had the drive to be a great businessperson. By combining his medical degree with an MBA, he has been able to indulge his entrepreneurial streak.

After graduating from Tulane University’s School of Medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna joined his father’s practice. He also began developing real estate on a small scale. When tragedy struck in the form of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. McKenna was there.

Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he was luckier than many. He threw himself into community service and the recovery effort. By helping to develop low- and mid-income housing, he did what he could to help the city rise from the ashes. He even served on the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

By 2007, McKenna knew it was time to move on. He relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. McKenna is a big fan of lifestyle medicine. This approach does not only treat acute symptoms. Effective lifestyle medicine focuses on issues including diet, weight loss, and overall fitness.

In Atlanta, Dr. McKenna launched ShapeMed. This business combined the best aspects of medicine and aesthetics. By helping people look their best, McKenna knew that he could help them feel more confident, and achieve their full potential. Over seven years, McKenna watched the company expand and grow. Eventually, it was sold to a publicly-traded corporation.

For almost two years after the sale, Dr. Mark McKenna stayed on board to help with the transition. Finally, in 2017, he launched his latest enterprise. OVME, his latest idea, is a technology-enabled, customer-facing medical aesthetic business.

In addition to his businesses and medical enterprises, Dr. McKenna is a devoted family man. He lives with his wife, daughter and dog. He continues to give back to the community, too.