The life of Ted Bauman

People who love topics on investments and asset protection must have come across the name Ted Bauman. He works at Banyan Hill Publishing as an editorial director. His area of specialty is international migration, privacy, and asset protection, as well as, low-risk investments. He resides at Atlanta, GA. Ted Bauman has a big heart no wonder he once served as a fund manager in a non-profit organization where he financed housing projects for low-income people.

Ted Bauman is among the successful people in the world of finance. His success can be attributed to his capacity to learn quickly, as well as, his extensive background in education. He has a Bachelor’s degree in economics and history from Cape Town University. He also has a masters of business administration (MBA), majoring in finance from Georgia State University. Ted Bauman also attended the State University of New York at Albany where he earned Bachelor of Science (BS), Business Administration and Management Information Systems.

His managerial skills were acquired during his youthful years while still working at Burger King and McDonald’s. One of the most unique traits he acquired and that has made him successful in any organization he has worked for is equal treatment of his employees. He always looks beyond his employee’s level when it comes to the treatment of his employees.

Ted Bauman retorts that he fills more fulfilled contributing his input at Banyan Hill Publishing. His passion for helping the low-income earners is visible in his work. He uses any opportunity he gets in educating the general on various significant issues. The skillfully uses his writing skills in making his stories easy to understand and appealing to his intended audience.

He was the mastermind behind the inauguration of the Slum Dweller International. It is a charity organization that offers solutions to problems affecting the slum dwellers with an intention of making life in slums more dignified. The organization has been a success by reaching over 14 million people in 35 countries. He served as a consultant in the real estate industry.


Talkspace is an organization which offers confidential and affordable therapy from licensed professional therapists. It was founded in June 2012 by Oren Frank and Roni Frank with its main offices being in New York City in the United States. Their mission is to put a smile on a billion faces by providing unlimited messaging therapeutic services without making any appointments.

Instagram started a begun a #HereForYou campaign which marks the members that have made mental health associations on the platform. Bell raises funds each January from for the mental health services in Canada. This organization has achieved in assisting more than one million clients to get the necessary help they require. Talkspace has also been expanding working with educational institutions as well as workplaces in an organization to provide mental health care to the students and workers too. They help employees through the EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) as well as sororities and fraternities in the institutions.

Talkspace’s co-founder, Roni Frank does not just envision this as a simple relationship between the sororities as well as fraternity and the organization. She sees the organization working together with mental health care providers within the campus to aid in meeting the high demand for their services and also giving the students and faculty appropriate accessibility to affordable mental health care.

A lot of people have by now taken full advantage of the ability to get continuous therapy and counseling sessions which one needs not go to a specific physical location. Such services as the ones offered by Talkspace are convenient and flexible meaning the barriers that hinder citizens to access these services fall away. Access to such services has always proved a challenge and applications like Talkspace has been a pillar of hope to millions of people.

Michael Phelps, a swimming champion recently joined the online therapy providing company, Talkspace, for the countrywide TV campaign addressing the mental health stigma. Mental health has recently managed to get to the top in public conversations, from the demanding the access to socialized healthcare, possibly connected to mass shootings as well as social usage. The organization’s main message is that anyone can have a case of depression.