Sunday Riley Experiences an Increase in Popularity and Sales

Recently Texas entrepreneur Sunday Riley, of the cult Beauty brand that shares the same name, did an interview with the cut discussing her company. In the interview Sunday described the 2009 launch of her brand Sunday Riley due to the lack of green science, which is the practice of combining science-based active ingredients with Botanical ingredients, in the field of skin care products. Sunday continued to explain hell creating these products is both an art and a science in which she has to constantly upgrade her skills and techniques, learning through trial and error, to reach her specific goals with these products i.e.; the scent, texture, or overall experience the product provides.

Sunday Riley believes that if they can do better than a product they are currently putting out they will cut the product from the line and start over from scratch to create a superior product. Although Sunday is proud of all of her products her product good genes seems to be growing in popularity with consumers. Good genes is an acid that provides instant results to the average person and comes in 20 different color shades in an attempt to represent everyone single person. The company has experienced a significant increase in sales thanks to products like good genes, other best sellers in the product line include power couple, UFO, CEO, Luna, and tidal.

Sharing a name with the company is a dream come true for her but also a humbling responsibility knowing she is part of people’s daily routines. Sunday chooses to avoid reading too much about her products online for on social media and prefers to focus on complaints rather than praise or negativity. Sundays skincare routine includes washing her face two times a day, using good genes 3 times a week, and using UFO once a week in the mornings she will use the CEO serum, then tidal, then after applying sunscreen she will apply Foundation then Luna followed by the CEO serum again, and finish with tidal or the CEO cream and she will also occasionally use the Juno face massage. Overall she believes regularly washing and exfoliating your skin is the most important step in any skin care routine.