A Five Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Copa Star

Copa Star Hospital is unarguably among the most modern medical centers in Brazil. Located in Rio de Janeiro, the state of the art construction footprint measures 10,000m2. The five-storey building on terra.com that cost $115 million features 150 beds, 105 rooms, 45 ICU, a diagnostic center, and nine operating rooms. The interior design of the medical facility integrates a couple of sustainable features that enhances energy efficiency and consequently helping the hospital reduce its energy consumption levels by up to 50 percent.

The environment at Copa Star is similar to what you would find in luxury apartments or five-star hotels – regarding the nature of accommodation offered, and service delivery. Every aspect of the interior design of the hospital building was designed with the needs of the patients in mind. There are comfortable and specially decorated sitting areas and lobbies. The aesthetically designed suites of Copa Star are aimed at maximizing the comfort of a patient, even during long stays.

Patients recovering from illnesses, or surgery, and in need of a luxurious environment, will find Copa Star extremely useful. Jorge Moll, among the founding members, explained that the five-star hospital idea is a completely new idea in Rio. Nevertheless, patients should expect nothing short of a world-class experience. The top of the line hospital features not only modern medical technology on rafarquitetura.com, but also advanced diagnostic systems, and first class customer service. With the provision of outstandingly good comfort, and therapeutic spaces, Copa Star Hospital provides a great option for a good number of patients. Other hospitals may need to up their game or rather recreate their concept of hospital recovery to guarantee their sustainability.

Technology at work
Advancements in technology are changing the way things are done in almost all the sectors of the economy. Copa Star Hospital has raised the bar for medical facilities, and all thanks to technological innovations. Copa Star has in place world-class technologies. Apart from the already mentioned advanced diagnostic center, the facility has MRI machines, neurosurgery facilities, robotic assistants and well as top-tier recovery rooms for patients. For instance, there is a full control system that engages the different aspects of the room. Just by downloading an application onto an iPad, the patient may use it to control the behavior of the curtains, the lights, and many other environmental elements available within the room. The same app can interface with the medical practitioners for video conferencing. The app also offers s an option to view diagnostic imagery with a relevant healthcare expert.

Patients can also use the video technology to make conference calls. The chance to get in touch with the outside world significantly contributes to the healing of the patients, especially those facing extended confinements. Patients may also view images of the external environment, helping them to keep track of time. This feature is useful to the patients who have difficulties determining whether its day or night due to the need to remain indoors for long. Copa Star Hospital uses technology to deliver psychological benefits to their patients.