Andrew Rolfe Is Passionate About Helping The Disadvantaged Children In The Society

The Ubuntu Fund has been at the center of providing the needy children with various services that seeks to enhance their lives. Through their human resource and funds, the institution has succeeded in supporting over 400,000 children from needy families across Africa. In 1999, Jacob Lief and Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula, partnered to found the Ubuntu Education Fund.

Back then, they started by providing the disadvantaged children with education. Soon, they came to the realization that most children were not attending school on a regular basis and the few who did were not performing well in class. This situation prompted the two to undertake a comprehensive research to unearth the reasons thereof. The results of the study showed that most children would go to school hungry while some students came from families that had been infected or affected by the HIV/AIDs epidemic. To this end, Jacob and Banks resolved to provide the children with quality healthcare services and nutrition.

In the spirit of wanting to help more children, Andrew Rolfe and the leadership of the Ubuntu Fund organized a dinner in London. At the gala, Rolfe was responsible for providing the 300 guests with entertainment and tasty dishes. When preparing for the event, the management of the Fund set a target of £600,000. At the end of the event, the leadership of the institution posited that the guests had raised more than £603,000. Some of the renowned persons who graced the occasion include Jacob Lief. While speaking to the audience, Lief talked of the need of providing children with adequate resources for them to grow into adulthood.

This amount would be expended in developing the Fund’s pediatric clinic and expanding the school campus, which is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. After all these projects have been completed, the Fund would enroll more needy children from the region.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew has been serving as the chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund for a long period. Under his visionary leadership, the institution has helped many needy children in the society. In addition, he has been heavily involved in enhancing the success of the organization.

Rolfe has vast management skills. This is because he has rendered his services for different leading corporations, including PepsiCo Restaurants International, the Gap, Pret A. Manger and Booker Foodservice.