Attorney Jeff Herman And The Darkside Of Sunshine


Jeff Herman is a renowned attorney born and raised in the USA. Herman founded Herman Law which is famous for landmark litigation cases challenging stalwart clergy sexual abuse coverups. But he started his career in commercial law in Florida. He completed his B.S. degree at the University of Arizona then immediately enrolled in the law school of Case Western Reserve University where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 1985.


While serving as lead attorney of his own commercial litigation firm; Herman Law, a close acquaintance referred to him in 1997 a unique civil case regarding sexual molestation of a four-year-old autistic boy. Jeff Herman noticed the insipid deception and long anchored trickery characteristic of sexual misconduct by members of religious and educational institutions. He could not resist the challenge of demolishing their self-assured and hypocritical structures. Jeff dove wholeheartedly into the case and many more would follow.


To date since 1997 Jeff Herman and his team are credited with recovering over $175 million USD in civil damages per sexual abuse cases and that doesn’t even include the undisclosed settlement amounts. He has attained the familiar title of advocate for the sexually abused who often find themselves without a voice. Jeff has won cases against Catholic institutions, Jewish establishments and those purported to impart knowledge unto minors. He has successfully toppled their often ludicrous, self-serving and predatory rationale and procedures. Jeff has also developed a surefire strategy of detonation against these destructive fortifications. The ‘people’ he fights against are not those with whom one may sit and reason. They couldn’t care less about how they would feel whether or not their own family member or loved one would endure the things they perpetrate against others. Indeed, some such scoundrels have admitted to abusing their own family members in similar fashion.


Attorney Jeff Herman attributes his success to his team of equally passionate litigation and retired law enforcement professionals who help him to analyze each case scenario and appoint a timeline using whiteboards in order to visually ascertain which employees have hidden or otherwise ignored the sexual problems in their workplaces. He expands Herman Law firm by completely immersing and dedicating himself to the cause and that involves teaching other professionals and parents what to watch out for in their children. Attorney Jeff Herman also points out that delighting in each step versus getting anxious to reach an end is key in learning one’s internal strengths and prowess gathered along the way. Go To This Page for related information.


To keep himself unencumbered with the daily darkness he must encounter Jeff remembers to 1. walk in empathy versus sympathy and 2. go fishing with his family. Jeff suggests the ubiquitous reading and application of the nuggets shared by the world-renowned Dale Carnegie in his globally acclaimed book “How To Win Friends And Influence People.”



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