Other Options Could Work Better in Solving Road Congestion According To Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein while on a visit to San Antonio for a Texas Department of Transportation forum shared some insights on Texas toll roads, such as the State Highway 130 and other issues affecting road conditions.


State Highway 130


While explaining why State Highway 130 was not often used, Mike noted that the Highway provided a long term solution rather than short term, considering that traffic from San Antonio to Austin is local. This means that through trucks and cars are not many and moving them to State Highway 130 would not solve anything. The best option would be to increase capacity at Interstate 35 though it seems impossible. He noted that it was impossible to expand the existing lanes in areas like Colorado River while cities and neighborhoods were reluctant to allow bigger footprints. Another solution would be to use other transport modes.


Toll Roads


On the poor financial performance of toll roads, Mike pointed out that they do not provide the solution to get funds for construction. Therefore, people need to look for other options. He gave an example of the extension made on 183A, which was funded by user revenue. People are willing to invest their money for construction purposes as a program they started at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was oversubscribed ten times over. Austin and San Antonio have the potential for economic growth, and residents need to be looking at growing their future rather than waiting for someone else to build the facilities for them. Road deterioration caused by the Eagle Ford Shale could be solved by charging the trucks that use country roads. The problem, however, arises due to how the country roads are structured as they do not have the capacity to hold such weight. Another option would be to identify zones that can add production tax as a source of financing. Since the counties do not have a significant tax base, this can only be achieved with help from the Texas Department of Commerce.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein has acted as a public official for over 30 years. He worked as a Round Rock City Council Member and a Williamson County Commissioner. Currently, he is the senior officer at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Mike holds a degree and master’s degrees in Government and BA from the University of Texas.


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA)


CTRMA is an independent multi-modal transport agency best known for the extension of toll road 183A. The agency focuses on improving the Williamson and Travis counties’ transportation system.


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Cassio Audi: A Goal

Cassio Audi is a man who has created quite an impact on the financial world and the clients that he has served. He is known to be one of Brazil’s top financial experts, with a knack for being able to point out the best course of action in terms of investments for his clients and the companies who come to him. He is extremely proficient in the work that he does, and believes in dedicating himself to the clients that he serves. Cassio Audi has been working in the financial sector for an extremely long period of time, which has given him the ability to perform extremely well at his workplace.

Cassio Audi is someone who believes in results. He is of the opinion that a good investment is one that yields results that are extremely profitable for his client, which is why he is so determined to always provide them with superior quality solutions. Cassio Audi has a special ability to transform companies, and making them the success that they have always dreamed of being. This ability translated especially well with the startups that he has worked with, among which countless of them have made it big in their own sectors.

Right from small businesses to large multinational corporations, Cassio Audi has worked with them all. He has proven time and again is ability to properly find solutions for companies, to ensure that all their investments and financials are in the right place. Cassio Audi is extremely action oriented and believes in being straightforward with his clients so that he can be upfront with them and give them the best solutions to help them. Cassio Audi is an alumni of the Pontificia University in Sao Paulo where he attained a degree in business administration before starting to work full time in the financial world and with investments.

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Fabletics: A Company Run With Ambition

The team behind Fabletics has started the company with a ton of ambition. Their goals were not just to be the most successful company in the fashion industry. They have also wanted to change the fashion industry for the better of many people. The people have wanted to make changes to the fashion industry in many of the areas that have been neglected. Among the areas of fashion that have seen a lot of neglect when it comes to creativity are athletic clothing and menswear. These are the areas that are considered uninspired. This is also the area where sales aren’t as good.


One good thing that people are noticing is that there are more men that are taking an interest in fashion. Of course with this interest in fashion, there is going to be a type of curiosity for something new and different. Fabletics is the poster child for new and different clothing. They have made it a point to bring something new and fun to the table. To make things better, they have seen that there is a lot of joy that comes with the fun of shopping at Fabletics. They have also noticed the men in this case.


Given the growing number of male fashion shoppers, Kate Hudson has decided to open up a men’s line for Fabletics. This gives men a chance to enjoy some of the clothes that are uniquely designed and carry with it a unique personality. They are experiencing an increase in sales as they make sure that they are giving the men what they want. Also, their method of collecting data about their customer makes it easier for them to supply the types of clothes their customers want. Therefore, they have a smaller chance of having items that are left over.


One of the best aspects of TechStyle, the family that Fabletics is a part of is that they are global minded when it comes to fashion. One good thing for them to do is to look to other influences so that they can bring forth some of the most interesting and fun pieces of fashion. There are a ton of styles throughout the world that are very amazing to look at. Fashion companies that bring forth eastern styles are going to gain a lot of popularity. After all, there is something deeper about the styles from the east than what people in the west are used to.

How Nine9 Help Models Reach Their Dreams

Nine9 is an agency that helps aspiring actors and models obtain roles in television, movies, and other media. Among the services they provide is an online site that provides 24/7 access to casting and audition opportunities. They also provide each client with a website page including their pictures and specialties, 24/7 alerts of casting calls in their area that matches their expertise, and monthly workshops that introduce them to industry leaders.

Nine9 Talent Agency is different than their competitors because their relationship with clients is built on a two-way street. Nine9 invests the time and energy in developing their client’s exposure and talent and, in exchange, the client needs to do the same. Nine9 also is different in that they offer a commission free service so that their clients can reach their full economic potential.

There are a number of success stories associated with Nine9. One success story is Barbara S. of Oak Lawn, Illinois. Barbara has appeared on a number of Runway shows in Chicago and in theater as well including being a lead dancer in a Guys and Dolls performance.

Another success story associated with Nine9 is Maxine H. who was picked to appear in the background on Extra in Wheels and Homeland. She also just completed an audition for a Samsung commercial that is slated to appear across the United States in a national advertisement.

One other person that has had success with Nine9 is Steven H. who credits the company with opening up a world of opportunity. Within just the first few months of his profile appearing he was able to land a number of local auditions. His success with Nine9 has led to his appearance in a short film. He has also found the opportunity to co-host a tv talk show.


Sam Tabar Is Bringing Environmentally Responsible Solutions To The Table

Sam Tabar has been involved in the world of business for many years with a career that spans several different markets. Currently, he is the COO of FullCycle Energy Fund as well as serving as the CFO of Awearable Appare Inc. Previously he worked as an attorney and then later as a hedge fund manager. As a hedge fund manager, he worked for major corporations such as The Bank of America.

With his recent position with FullCycle Energy, he has focused on the concept of steering away from chemicals and products that are known to pollute the environment as well as lowering costs for the company at the same time. He believes strongly in the idea of being environmentally friendly.

He brings his previous financial experience into play with his new role as the COO in order to cut costs and become more efficient.He has also been able to successfully build a variety of teams that are designed to assist in the growth of the company.

In addition to being a well-seasoned business professional, he is also an innovator. He was involved in the creation of SheThinx. SheThinx is a feminine hygiene product that is designed to revolutionize the way that women look at feminine hygiene products. He attended Columbia Law School and shortly after his graduation he began working for a law firm that specialized in compliance and regulatory issues.

Later in his career, Sam Tabar become the Head of Capital Strategy and the Director of Merrill Lynch. After working with Merrill Lynch he decided to go back to the legal field and in 2013 he went to work for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP and served as their Senior Associate in hedge funds. Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://www.artstation.com/artist/custombuilding4

According to Angel.co, Sam Tabar is a man of many professional talents and is able to add value and integrity to all of the companies that he has worked for over the years. He recent addition to the FullCycle Energy team has proven to be financially prudent as well as socially responsible.

UKV PLC Offers Collectible Investment Grade Wines And Champagnes

It will come as no surprise to intelligent people that the climate on the earth is changing, and that man has had a far-reaching effect on global warming. Because of this, it is not unusual that the wine producing parts of the French countryside, well known for giving the world some of the finest of beverages has increased in size and moved northward. It is now possible for vineyards to produce grapes in the British Isles. England has now begun producing grapes and wines that rival France in color, bouquet, and taste.

For this reason, a company named UKV PLC has been formed near London. It is composed of a group of fine wine consultants who are dedicated to finding the best wine or champagne for any occasion. UKV PLC specializes in the acquisition and sale of the world’s most exciting and pleasurable investment. That investment is the purchasing and ultimate consumption of fine wines and champagnes that have achieved luxury grade status. Many of the products of UKV PLC have name recognition, even for the non-wine drinker. The company offers Dom Perignon and Lafite Rothschilds champagne and wine to the wine enthusiast by salesmen who express that the wines have intrinsic value and investment value based on their luxury grade and availability.

UKV PLC makes reference to Robert Parker and uses his name in association with their services. This is similar to Donald Trump’s way of using his name to make money from his celebrity while offering nothing of real value to the company.

Before making any investment with UKV PLC ask for a prospectus and never make an investment decision over the telephone.

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NTC Stands out for Providing Best Training and Holiday Vacations

Owning a property is a long process that becomes fully complete if accompanied with the right documents. Be it a small scale property being purchased or sold, documents are very crucial that if not addressed well can see the owner losing the property through some lengthy court battle. Such problem can be avoided if the mortgage lenders and other financial institutions involved contacted a good firm with experience in research and providing the required information.


Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the best companies that provide post-closing services to financial institutions, investors, servicers, and mortgage lenders. It specializes in research and document processing for the residential mortgage industry. It has served top-ranked mortgage servicer companies. NTC is an award winning company having won the Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace Designation award five times. This can be related to the high level of expertise and efficiency that the firm has acquired over the 25 years it has been in service since it was started in 1991. NTC has grown rapidly since it established its operations in California, and is now based in Florida to offer services all over the country.


NTC has grown to the leader that it is through extensive and elaborate strategies. One of these strategies is employee training, which since the company was started, all the leaders have striven to offer the best training to the new employees. Employee training in return translates to excellent services rendered to the clients. Unlike the common platforms where new employees are left at the mercy of experienced fellow employees to learn the skills required, NTC has a very elaborate step-by-step training program that every employee goes through upon employment. This training involves a test to make sure all the employees meet the needs of the company. This training is onsite, leaving the candidate well conversant with the workplace and the whole system.


NTC has over the years been a participant of the Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Expo to promote their research and document processing services. Recently, the company offered free vacation to a random person who went to their booth during this expo. This vacation included the roundtrip plane ticket and two nights in a four-star hotel near the beach. NTC strives to go paperless by partnering with other stakeholders in providing documents digitally. The company has honored their core values, and have continuously invested a lot to see that they offer the best services and profit comes last as a reward.


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Jeremy Goldstein Likely to Benefit from the New Legal Developments in New York

The disarray in seeking legal redress in New York seems to be a problem of yesterday. People can now be easily connected with legal practitioners following the recent developments. The New York State Bar Association’s Trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) established an online platform where individuals can be linked with attorneys.


Individuals will be connected with highly skilled and experienced attorneys whose credentials have been confirmed by the New York State Bar Association. The platform allows lawyers to scale delivery of legal services to a greater number of people at a low cost. It assists lawyers in creating a trusted, go-to online recourse for entities that are seeking to rely on the New York law. The move has received warm reception as it is viewed as providing a technological approach to legal issues. Having partnered with the Legal.io, a nationwide provider of referral and marketplace management technology for the legal industry, the platform has been a huge success.


In summary, this is how the platform works:

-Those seeking lawyers forward their legal issues and location in a questionnaire provided in the LRIS website.

-bar staff reviews the questionnaire and links the individual with suiting lawyer in the nearby location.

-The individual is referred to the county bar association if he/she lives in a county with the locally based lawyer referral services.

-Referral is free but an individual is charged a fee of $35 for the first 30 minutes if they talk to the attorney.


Some of the notable attorneys to benefit from these services include Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, a boutique law firm that specializes in advising CEOs, compensation committees, Management teams and corporations.


The Juris Doctorate holder from the New York University school of Law is highly informed on corporate governance and executive compensation issues; being among the leading executive compensation lawyers in America.


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About Thor Halvorassen, An Amazing Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen, born in 1976, is a human rights advocate. He was born in Venezuela and he is currently the president of a global human rights organization, the Human Rights Foundation. Here is more information about his experience with the organization, his film career and other interesting information about him.

Halvorssen’s Experience With HRF

The Human Rights Foundation became incorporated back in 2005 and they opened their headquarters the following year in New York City. Since being incorporated, the organization has intervened in numerous human rights cases. Some of these cases involved well-known prisoners of conscience, such as Harry Wu and Elie Wiesel.

Political Involvement

Halvorssen has been involved with a number of political-related issues, including the lobbying for the release of Liu Xiabo, a political prisoner in China. On numerous occasions he has criticized the Kuomintang government in Taiwan for banning visits by Chinese Uyghur leader Rebiya Kadeer. He has also led campaigns that were paid to celebrities by dictators. Some of these celebrities included Mariah Carey and Nelly Furtado.

Film Career

The human rights advocate is producing a movie based on The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, which is a novel written by Robert A. Heinlein. He has co-produced Freedom’s Fury and he was the executive producer of Hammer & Tickle. Other films he has produced or co-produced include Indoctrinate U, The Singing Revolution and The Sugar Babies to name a few.

That is a little bit of information about Thor Halvorssen. Those who want to learn more about him can visit his website or the Human Rights Foundation’s website.

The Brains Behind Lime Crime Makeup

Doe Deere is a fashion icon, designer and a lucrative entrepreneur. Her choice of lipstick color, hair and nail polish will clearly tell you that she is brave and doesn’t conform easily to what the society considers normal. She holds strongly to the notion that makeup is a way for us to express our inner underlying moods and not something to be used to conceal imperfections. She uses her social media accounts to show women that they can be happy and confident with whatever colors they choose for their makeup and should not be intimidated by anyone.

Doe Deere success journey has not been easy. Having been born and educated in Russia, she decided to move across to New York to pursue her dreams. Her first interests were to become an artist, a song writer. She joined a band, but with it being a new upcoming band it was challenging to break through. Doe tells Ideamensch that her struggles as an artist served as lessons and gave her the desire to diversify her talents. After which she decided to follow her fashion design dreams which also didn’t work as planned.

Doe is a true example of persistence. She may not have broken through from her previous ventures but she did find something that she was passionate and great at. Put all her resources and heart to it: Lime Crime makeup. Lime Crime Makeup was launched in 2008 that would serve as a provider for colourful makeup products for her clients who needed whimsy in their lives. In just a few years in operations, the company has sold millions worth of their products which constitutes of lipsticks, polish and blush.

Doe knows well how it feels to be appreciated by clients by buying their products. As a result, all their products are vegan inspired and of great quality. Doe is a never in a rush when coming up with an idea as she believes that great ideas take time to show. However, when they do so acts swiftly to give her clients what they deserve. Before the launch of any product, Doe tests it first, a lesson that many manufacturers should learn from her.

Moreover, Doe believes in establishing good relations with her clients and employees. She understands that employees are the main reason she is able to provide for her clients. Therefore, she seeks to inspire them and help them attain their growth and career development.