Keith Mann Finds A Gap In The Recruitment Of Financial Specialists And Fills It

Keith Mann is an executive who has spent almost his entire life working towards the goal of providing a high quality service to source the best possible executives for many different areas of the financial industry. The native New Yorker first made a splash in the financial recruitment industry when he formed the Dynamics Executive Search that provided recruitment skills for various members of the financial industry, but Mann still believed he could focus in even more on the hedge fund industry that had always interested him in terms of strategy, planning, and recruitment for alternative investment companies.


As the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners Keith Mann has been looking to develop new ways of making sure he gets the best candidates for each and every open position in the hedge fund and alternative markets industry. Keith Mann established the company in 2009 after creating a new department within Dynamics Executive Search in 2006 that was designed to provide recruitment services for hedge fund companies; over the course of the last seven years the Dynamics Search Partners company has grown in power and strength to become one of the top financial recruitment companies for top Wall Street investment firms.


Over the course of the life of Dynamics Search Partners Keith Mann has overseen many of the developments that are now seen as industry standards for the rivals of DSP. One of the main growth areas Dynamics Search Partners has been at the forefront of developments for is that of the creation of a dedicated client and candidate portal that makes it easy for any individual to access the services of the recruitment company and saves time in the search portion of the experience candidates have with Keith Mann’s company. Along with the growth of technology for Dynamics Search Partners the ability to identify when candidate meets the needs of a client has set the company apart from rivals who do not look to make sure the candidate is as happy as possible at all times.

Securus Technologies Sets The Record Straight On GTL Allegations

Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of technology solutions for the civil and criminal justice system, released a statement designed to correct the inaccuracies in a press release from their competitor Global-Tel Link.


GTL’s release alleges the Patent Trial and Appeals Board ruled they could seek damages and injunctions against Securus for infringing on GTL patents. Securus explained the PTAB hasn’t validated GTL’s 816 patent claim so GTL won’t be able to seek damages or injunctions. GTL also alleged the PTAB has preserved all GTL’s 55 816 patent claims related to video visitation monitoring systems. Securus clarified saying GTL only has one independent claim which the PTAB has declined to review and Securus doesn’t use GTL’s security feature in its technology.


GTL alleged the PTAB ruled GTL’s video visit monitoring innovations were patentable and GTL is allowed to take the case back to court. Securus explained the PTAB didn’t decide the innovations were patentable and declined to review the claims and the case won’t soon be headed back to court. GTL alleged the PTAB validated claims would be back in court soon. Securus clarified that GTL’s claims weren’t validated and the case won’t go to a jury this year. Plus Securus will show it doesn’t use GTL technology.


GTL’s claims it’s seeking injunctions and damages, if granted, would force Securus to stop using video visitation platforms based on GTL’s patented technologies. Securus said it’s video visitation platform doesn’t use GTL’s patented technologies so no infringement has occurred and no injunction will be granted. GTL alleges Securus often sues and settles with its competitors. Securus explained it has licensed its technology to many companies, including GTL, using mutually acceptable financial arrangements. Securus has far more favorable patent metrics and GTL is wasting millions rather than entering into another license agreement.


Boraie Development Has Picked Up New Jersey Many Times

Boraie Development has been one of the best companies in New Jersey for development because they have been committed tot he state more than any other area. A lot of companies will get away from their home, and they will have no way of getting back to their roots. Omar Boraie knows his roots, and he knows that he needs to stay in New Jersey to help as many people as he can. Omar Boraie is trying to make every city he goes into a better place, and he knows that there is no other way to help build the state than by building.

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His plans to make the state a better place on are going to go a long way because they can make every part of the state better. He has put a lot of work into Atlantic City and Newark, and he knows that he can help people who need these new developments on He wants to be sure that every person who is trying to have a better life in the state has a place to do that. These people are going to see that their lives are changing, and they can give all the credit to Omar Boraie.

Omar created a company in the state that has been building for cities, and he has been going to cities asking them if he can develop parts of the state that need it. He is taking the initiative in many places, and that has given very good results that most people would not have seen any other way. Anyone who has come through the state needs to remember that they are going to see things that were built by Omar Boraie and his team at Boraie Development. This company has made the state a better place to live and work.

The Changing Economic Outlook

With all of the volatility in the economy today, there are a lot of people who are starting to question their investment strategies. If you want to have success as an investor, you have to be able to make fast judgements based on what the market conditions are. If you are looking to increase your investments in the economy right now, you need to be prepared to lose some cash on the front end. No one knows where the market is headed right now, and even though we have had a nice run in the stock market, some people think that this is not sustainable. If you are going to invest in your future, there are a variety of ways to do so. Madison Street Capital is a company that can help you throughout that entire process. The Madison Street Capital reputation is one of the best on Wall Street, and they have provided quality customer service over the years.


One of the variables that defines the market right now is risk. Many investors are worried about losing the principle within their portfolio, and they are starting to flee to safety. The internet rates in the economy are starting to rise quickly, and many people are looking forward to taking advantage of these rates as they buy a home. If you want to invest for your future, a home may be one of the best places to park your money. With all of the volatility in the coming years, many people are worried about the economy. Economic conditions are fine right now, but smart investors know that the stock market could be at a top right now. There are a lot of people who want to take their investments to the next level.

Madison Street Capital

From all of the growth in recent years, Madison Street Capital is still a hedge fund that is dedicated to clients. There are few hedge funds today that put as much time and money into their clients as Madison Street Capital. If you are looking for a place to invest your money, this is the place to go. The company recently changed their future outlook in the economy, and this was based on a variety of factors. Anyone who has ever invested their money into the stock market knows that a variety of variables can impact the trajectory of stocks. Instead of constantly worrying about the future, a better idea is to invest with a plan no matter what goes on around you.

If you are looking for professional money advice, Madison Street Capital is a great company to work with. This is a company that is dedicated to providing quality customer service in a variety of ways to customers.

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Norka Luque is Reveling in Musical Succees

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan female musician who currently lives in Miami, Florida. Norka has been in the music industry since she was a child. She has always been a music enthusiast who can do anything just to exploit her passion. She came to the limelight when her song “Miracle” topped the Venezuelan music charts for 14 weeks. Her tracks quickly gained popularity in the country. Her producer and mentor ensured that she was ready with new and sensational tracks each time she went to the studio.

Today, Norka is reveling in musical success. She attributes her success to the love and tolerance she received from Emilio Estefan. She also acknowledges her supportive family members, especially her parents who enrolled her in great music schools to hone her skills. In Miami, Norka controls the music industry among the Latinos. Many people compare her to great artists like Beyonce. She has her musical label known as NorkaMusic. She uses it as a platform to create her brand image and improve her skills in music. The label is also an incubator for many young and talented artists in Venezuela and Miami.

Like any other great artist, Norka has achieved recognition from reputable musical companies. She has performed in hyped shows including the Venezuelan Billboard show that went down with a bang this year. Many people admire her courage and determination to compete with others despite various challenges that present themselves in music. Most people identify with her music because they resonate with the common things that happen in life. She carefully selects her song lyrics to give hope and happiness to people from all walks of life.

Norka is also a business administration graduate from a university in France. However, she if fully into music and do not interact with the profession she studied for in university. She is currently working on a new album called “Milardo.” According to information from her close confidants, the album contains songs that are expected to take the music industry by storm. With an increasing popularity in the US, Norka will soon be a bigwig in the world’s most competitive industry.

David Osio’s Contribution to Philanthropy

For people like David Osio, giving to the less fortunate has been a way to give back to their communities and help in promoting social structures that affect them. David Osio has made it his personal business to ensure his support for art, medical research, and community remains undeterred. Learn more:

Mr. Osio, who is a successful businessperson, is the chair and founder of the Davos Financial Group, an international business organization that operates various business ventures around the world.

Mr. David Osio continually offers his support to philanthropy by proposing to serve on boards of charitable organizations and donating financially to make sure that their charitable programs and projects can attain their objectives smoothly.

Mr. Osio says that he gets a feeling of reward when he sees the organization that he supports relentlessly being able to run throughout the year without problems.

Mr. Osio has been increasing his support for global charities over the past years. His main goal is to create a global awareness for charitable actions that will be aimed at empowering societies across the world. Global philanthropies have the power to touch the lives of many people and give help to the many individuals and children who are in dire need.

The Miami Symphony Orchestra has been one of the organizations that David has been mainly involved with. Other than supporting the organization in its activities, David has been a proud board member a position he uses to render his professional services to the charitable organization.

David says that his support of the Miami Symphony Orchestra is mainly based on the organization’s ability to bring smiles and joy to the community members.

He has also been a supporter of the Children Orthopedic Foundation and sponsors EPK’s events. The Children Orthopedic Foundation provides care to children with medical conditions. Through this project, the lives of many children have been impacted and empowered.

The Davos group has had enormous success and growth since it was founded. Part of this success has been credited to the group’s able leadership, a leadership that David Osio heads as the chairman.

Mr. Osio is a trained international lawyer. He began his career at Banco Latino International where he worked at the bank’s division of commercial banking. He was responsible for defining and implementing the bank’s marketing strategies including the acquiring of new customers.

From the bank, David left and begun Davos Financial Group where he has been chairman for the past 23 years.

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Brightening Your Online Reputation


In today’s day and age, you can not have a business without some sort of online presence. Monitoring and managing this online presence can be frustrating and confusing. Sometimes nasty customers write bad reviews, and your company did nothing wrong. Then what? Your online presence has been tarnished, right? Wrong. You would think that a bad review or two may hurt your business, but sometimes if the review is completely false, your supporters will rally around you and make sure people know that review is false information. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

So, false or not what do you do to ensure you have a healthy internet presence? Bad reviews aside for a minute, study up on SEOs. This is search engine organization. This is what makes google decide that your information is what is relevant to the person searching for you. This happens through key terms in your website, google page, Facebook, or other social media sites. These key terms are what make your page searchable. Also, changing and constantly updating your website. Google likes webpages that have current and up-to-date information. As far as that bad review goes, almost all places that someone can leave a review, a company can dispute the review, or at the very least, leave a response that is professional. Responses should state that you are sorry they had a bad experience and welcome the person to call or return to the business so that you can make it right.

If all this seems like too much work, and you have a little bit of extra cash in your pocket, there are companies out there like fix search results that are more than willing to give you a hand with updating, cleaning up, and maintaining your online presence. Doing so will ensure that your company is seen in a positive light and can continue to grow despite (or in spite of) a nasty customer.

Town Residential Opens A New Outpost

Town Residential has proven to be a successful real estate company. They are very good about directing people to the real estate property that is best for them. They go beyond helping their clients find a home, they make sure that they find a home that meets the needs of their clients. They look at the many different aspects of the place they are going to live in. Among these aspects are the neighborhood, its proximity to different places which include their job or some of the favorite places to visit. Town Residential is one of the places that people go to for all of their housing needs.


As of right now, Town Residential is in the expansion phase which will have it opening new locations. Town has just recently opened its 10th outpost. They have opened up the new office in a district that will cover the area of the Hudson Yards and TriBeCa. This will make it easier for them to serve more neighborhoods and help people find homes that will bring about a greater sense of interest. The company has signed a lease for the second floor of a building on W. 14th street. Their area is a 7100 square foot spot. They are expected to hold on to this deal for 15 years.


One of the important aspects of Town that separates it from other brokers is that they have an outside space for people to meet. Often times, people need to step outside for some fresh air. When people are in smaller offices, it does bring about a more tensed feeling. Stepping outside for fresh air helps people relax and encourage more positive feelings which includes trust. When a client trusts the business man, they are more likely to buy or rent the product that is being sold to them.


Advantages Of Switching To Medicare Advantage Plans

Over the last decades, Americans have depended on Original Medicare cover to access affordable medical services on However, this aging product has been replaced by the new and better Medicare Advantage plans. This health cover is tailored to cater for the modern medical needs of Americans and provide them with services that they could not access before.

Medicare Advantage plans have become popular because of the collaboration between the federal government, private insurance companies and health institutions. The private insurance companies are charged with the duty of selling the product to the public while the health intuitions provide the health services. This partnership has resulted in the success of this revolutionary product.

Part A and Part B benefits are critical parts of any medical cover. As such, all Medicare Advantage plans provide these crucial services. In addition, the policyholders enjoy other services such as vision, dental and hearing care without having to part with extra money. The public has welcomed these additional benefits as they have ensured that each American can now afford health services without spending heavily.

The new product of InnovaCare Health is available in various forms. The most common plans are the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). The public can also subscribe to other plans. However, InnovaCare Health each plan has unique benefits and costs. One is advised to undertake thorough research in order to determine that plan that will be ideal for him or her, before buying a policy.

With the affordable services of InnovaCare Health provided by the cover, there is a tendency of people abusing the services. To this end, policyholders are required to make out-of-pocket payments every time that they visit a hospital or a doctor. They pay is $15 per office visit. However, the plans have set the maximum amount of out-of- pocket payments that one can make in a year. After the limit has been reached, policyholders do not have to pay any money when they visit a hospital or a doctor. Moreover, a policyholder can only visit specific medical institutions.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a private insurance company that focuses on providing the public with Medicare Advantage plans and Physician practice services. The company operates in North America. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have provided transformative leadership at InnovaCare Health. He is the CEO and the chief administrative officer of the company is Penelope Kokkinides respectively.

Makari Skin Care leads the market With Their Skin Whitening Cream

Makari Skin Care Lightening cream is the perfect solution for those who want radiant skin. Many skin lightening products on the market contain chemicals that work as bleaching agents, which are harsh on the delicate skin cells of the face. Makari Skin Care differentiates itself from the masses as one of the leaders by formulating their products differently. Manufactured in Switzerland, Makaris’ skin whitening creams are made from advanced natural ingredients that naturally brighten the skin tone while addressing other imperfections.

Makaris’ skin lightening formula nourishes, corrects and revitalizes the skin by addressing the conditions of the skin itself. The cream causes the skin cells to repair, rejuvenate and replace the surface skin at a faster pace than normal This allows dark marks to disappear rapidly as new skin cells are formed in shorter reproduction cycles. While the change is not dramatic, the skin also lightens in tone gradually over time as all skin cells are exfoliated and new skin cells emerge to the surface. Dry skin is moisturized deep under the skins’ surface. Dark marks and areas of hyper-pigmentation are faded away from visibility on the skin. The end result is fresh looking skin that is a few shades lighter that normal and flawless.

Skin lightening creams are not only used in order to brighten the tone and complexion of the skin. The cream is also used as an anti-aging solution. The hydration that the cream delivers will plump skin skins cells, making fine lines and wrinkles to be filled in and vanish. Since the cream also encourages the reproduction of new and healthy cells, dry and sagging skin is replace by skin that is firm and supple. This also improves the electricity of the skin, helping skin to fight off signs of aging in the future. While we often think of Botox as a solution to this problem, skin lightning creams works more gradually but just as effectively.

Skin lightning creams are an excellent alternative to costly cosmetic procedures such as collagen injections or facelifts. Consumers can achieve youthful and radiant appearances and eliminate signs of aging using lightning creams, but they also gain confidence and admiration for their peers. Makari Skin Care has been a market leader in skin lightening for over 10 years because their purpose is to help customers achieve radiant skin and their customers depend on them in order to achieve and maintain their radiant, even toned, youthful skin.

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