The encouraging lifetime achievements of Robert Ivy

Robert ivy the CEO of the American Institute of Architects was born in Columbus, Mississippi in the United States of America. He is a holder of a Masters degree in the field of Architecture from the Tulane University and also in Bachelor of arts in English from Sewanee University. Robert ivy’s continuous success in his career acts as a high motivation for many people in the whole world. Young people who tend to be discouraged from facing particular challenges in their businesses are encouraged to keep growing their business to higher heights.

Robert Ivy served in the Architectural Record as the senior editor and also the general manager of a communication media (McGraw-Hill) which involved various magazines. From his lifetime achievements, he has managed to receive a variety of awards recognizing his success. During his leadership role in the Architectural Record, the company was able to earn various awards namely the premier magazine journalism award and the national magazine award from the American associates of magazine publishers. Later In 1998, Ivy managed to receive recognition for his managerial success during his leadership in the McGraw-Hill company.

IN 2009, Robert Ivy also received a personal award called the Crain Award for being the topmost recognized media person in the American media industry. In the following year 2010, the top senior architecture in the country Alpha Rho Chi acknowledged Robert Ivy as the Master of Architecture for his commendable efforts in the design industry. Other officials recognized for the architectural success included DR. Nathan Clifford Ricker, Ludwig Nies Vander Rohe, and John Wellborn Root among others.

The senior officer of the American Institute Architects compliments Mr. Ivy for his excellent job in the editorial role in the company. He crowns him for all his achievements in the corporation at a personal level and therefore asks other stuff in the company to emulate his efforts.

Robert Ivy is set to officially earn his award for all his life achievements and success as he comes through in his professional business career at Mississippi Institute of Arts in the United States. During this event Robert is also accompanied by his fellow media person who was able to design a stained-glass, Mr. Andrew Cary Young.

The various awards of Mr. Ivy sounds1 as a wake up calling to many individuals or even business groups who may have given up in their goals since his motivations since acts as promise for prosperity.

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