Duda Melzer Uses Technology To Modernize Brazil’s RBS Group

The RBS Group is one of the best known media companies in South America with a long history of bringing the best quality news and entertainment to the people of Brazil through its range of newspapers, TV stations, and radio outlets. At the end of 2015 Duda Melzer, the new President of the media company set out his plan for using the latest in new media to bring increased levels of success to the company in the future; Melzer is a well known figure among the technology executives of the U.S. where he is a regular attendee at conferences developed by major Internet based companies.

Duda Melzer is not a person who feels the best option for his own personal or business life is to stand still in everything he does, instead the Harvard Business School graduate can often be found attending the major sports and cultural events of the world. Despite 2his busy lifestyle Melzer does not like to feel as though he is not involved in the day to day running of the RBS Group, which has led to him promoting the use of video conferences among other RBS staff to make sure each individual can be reached at all times.

Melzer has embarked upon a plan that will see RBS become a major provider of educational training options delivered Online for professionals around the world; Duda Melzer’s own use of technology and love of the latest gadgets is now being reflected in the development of the future of the RBS Group.