Igor Cornelsen Success in Finance and His Beliefs and Advice on Investment

Igor Cornelsen studied engineering at the Federal University of Parana. Having been born in Curitiba in Brazil that was a great privilege. It was the only place in that area offering engineering courses. His love for economics grew with time, and upon graduation, he secured a job as an investment banker. He climbed the corporate ladder to the highest office in Multibanco. In 1978 the company was bought by Bank of America making Cornelsen lose his job. Throughout his career, he helped many institutions he worked for shine. He for instance immensely contributed to the success on Unibanco and Libra Bank PLC the forty years of his career.

The one reason that guaranteed Igor Cornelsen success was his understanding of the murky Brazilian stock exchange market. From his extensive experience, he gained the right grasp of banking and business in Brazil. With his consultation, many failing businesses thrive to international glory. He founded Bainbridge Investment from his vast knowledge and experience. Though he is not fully into the company he reaps from it, he also guides others into making the right investment decisions to move to a healthy financial future.

Most of his investment advice is about the stock market. His view is long term which means he does not expect immediate financial gains but rather profits that will last up to retirement. He advises people to logically look at the future and get significant benefits later in the future. He encourages people to make small stock undertakings. He discourages investing in one stock and expecting big returns. By making your stock history varied one increases the chances of success and eliminateS the possibility of a significant loss.

Igor Cornelsen is a diehard subscriber to the market system. He is of the school of thought that the government ought to play a role in building a conducive environment for investors to thrive. He also finds it crucial to connects investors and entrepreneurs who cannot access traditional loans.