ShafikSachedina HealthCare Facilities Get A New Gym

Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare facilities offering help to the elderly and young in the community. With over 20 facilities, Sussex has been able to provide their services to many people over the years. Earlier this year, the company made an announcement stating that they were opening a new gym for elderly and disabled people who are part of their community. Sussex founders, Shiraz Boghani and ShafikSachedina and the board members are always looking for ways to improve the living conditions for the patients in their facilities. They believe in making the clients get the best experience while staying in their facility. See more of Shafik Sachedina on facebook.

As per the announcement, Sussex new gym is near Horsham in West Sussex. The gym is a state of the art facility that will be used to help patients improve their movements. The gym has free weights, elliptical machines, underwater treadmill, stationary bicycles and so much more. The gym also has a pool and a hot tub for hydrotherapy.

ShafikSachedina and the Sussex team have assigned well able staff to handle all the activities in the gym. The staff has training that will help the patients in their day-to-day operations in the facility. The team works together to create an exercise plan for each depending on his or her needs and limitations. There are doctors in the facility who also help in creating the exercise plan. The staff can handle respiratory, musculoskeletal and neurological issues.

The new gym will help increase mobility among the residents. With proper exercises, ShafikSachedina believes individuals can make significant improvements to their health. The gym will also help patients with cognitive disabilities.

Sussex Healthcare has many activities in addition to the gym. People leaving in the facilities can engage in crafts, swimming, sewing and reminiscing among other activities. The facilities serve people with dementia, learning disabilities, neurological disorders and Alzheimer’. ShafikSachedina has used his background in medicine to help build the company. Together with the entire team in the facility, ShafikSachedina has been able to help the community around him to get the help they need.

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Rick Shinto’s Legacy in Innovacare Health Company

Innovacare is one of the leading firms in North America dealing with the healthcare management. Its primary object is to provide quality healthcare services to the clients through the use of the most advanced technology. It aims at solving the problems and the challenges that exist in the health sector. It has been able to go through rapid growth and development over the years because of the qualified, dedicated and committed members. The health care providers at the firm ensure that they have the best relationship with the clients which help in ensuring a maximum level of satisfaction.

The company has a number of operational values which have enabled it to be where it is now. One of the values is that to them, the client satisfaction comes first before anything else. They understand that different c, clients have different needs. They also believe in teamwork and effective communication between them which has enabled them to solve the complex challenges in the company. This is because good communication skills enhance transparency and exchange of ideas between the members of the company. This is also one of the reasons the company has grown to a significant level.

Besides, Innovacare Health has had a number of qualified and experienced leaders who have greatly contributed to its success. One of these leaders is Rick Shinto who is the firm’s president and the CEO. Before working in the company, he had worked in a significant number of other companies in the health sector which gave him experience and expertise in health management.

Rick Shinto has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, a medical degree from the State University of New York as well as a master’s degree from the University of Redlands. It is under his excellent leadership that the company has experienced rapid growth and development. He has enhanced the cooperation and commitment of the employees to work towards the achievement of the company’s primary goal.

In addition, Rick Shinto colleague Penelope also has contributed to the growth of the Innovacare Health since she is an expert in innovating clinical programs She works with a lot of dedication to ensure that the company achieves its objectives. She had worked in a number of health institutions meaning that her experience and vast knowledge about the health sector plays a key role in the firm’s development. She also had experience in the managing of healthcare programs.

Under the leadership of Erich Shinto, InnovaCare Health received the highest recognition by the National Committee for quality assurance because of the highest quality plans the company has been offering to the clients.


CTCA Fights Alongside WebMD to Get More Cancer Education Out to Public

CTCA fights alongside WebMD to get more cancer education out to the public masses. Their goals are to get more individuals in to see their family doctors earlier, increase public’s awareness on cancer information and reduce the stigma and fright by revealing cancer updates that can give everyone hope for the future. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has learned a long time ago that being straight forward and always truthful with cancer information is always appreciated by the patients being cared for. Nobody likes to be kept in the dark. With information, cancer patients can better make informed decisions with regards to their healthcare.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is enjoying this new venture into the vast Internet world. As more and more people get connected via computers and the Internet, more information can be found on all sorts of healthcare subjects. This is good in some ways, but it should be noted than not every online site really takes the time or trouble to research much of what they post. When this misinformation is about health, things can get dangerous if someone were to take whatever false information that they found online and actually followed the directions. This is why CTCA has given their reliable healthcare facts on cancer subjects to the trusted online site of WebMD.

WebMD has long known to research each new article that they post. This site won’t post unless they know the healthcare information was obtained from a reliable and factual source. The public does have the right to be able to search freely for healthcare answers. Many in the younger generations are much more familiar with computer technology than those generations older. It does make sense to reach these online users with up-to-date and relevant cancer care advice and information. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the most well known and respected providers of groundbreaking cancer care. They treat many new patients each year, and the numbers that go into remission are very encouraging to everyone. Along with providing fantastic and holistic care, CTCA also focuses on cancer research to continue its quest for finding new and better cancer treatments. There are also many newly discovered remedies for some common side effects that persons undergoing certain cancer treatments are likely to get. Getting the patients healthier and stronger helps the patients fight their cancers better. Their families are also very grateful.

Advantages Of Switching To Medicare Advantage Plans

Over the last decades, Americans have depended on Original Medicare cover to access affordable medical services on However, this aging product has been replaced by the new and better Medicare Advantage plans. This health cover is tailored to cater for the modern medical needs of Americans and provide them with services that they could not access before.

Medicare Advantage plans have become popular because of the collaboration between the federal government, private insurance companies and health institutions. The private insurance companies are charged with the duty of selling the product to the public while the health intuitions provide the health services. This partnership has resulted in the success of this revolutionary product.

Part A and Part B benefits are critical parts of any medical cover. As such, all Medicare Advantage plans provide these crucial services. In addition, the policyholders enjoy other services such as vision, dental and hearing care without having to part with extra money. The public has welcomed these additional benefits as they have ensured that each American can now afford health services without spending heavily.

The new product of InnovaCare Health is available in various forms. The most common plans are the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). The public can also subscribe to other plans. However, InnovaCare Health each plan has unique benefits and costs. One is advised to undertake thorough research in order to determine that plan that will be ideal for him or her, before buying a policy.

With the affordable services of InnovaCare Health provided by the cover, there is a tendency of people abusing the services. To this end, policyholders are required to make out-of-pocket payments every time that they visit a hospital or a doctor. They pay is $15 per office visit. However, the plans have set the maximum amount of out-of- pocket payments that one can make in a year. After the limit has been reached, policyholders do not have to pay any money when they visit a hospital or a doctor. Moreover, a policyholder can only visit specific medical institutions.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a private insurance company that focuses on providing the public with Medicare Advantage plans and Physician practice services. The company operates in North America. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have provided transformative leadership at InnovaCare Health. He is the CEO and the chief administrative officer of the company is Penelope Kokkinides respectively.