With Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden shifts paradigm of healthcare IT

Drew Madden is a 15-year veteran of the healthcare IT space. He has worked for some of the largest companies in the industry, including as a C-level executive. He has helped build boutique healthcare IT companies from one-room operations into powerhouses boasting more than 750 employees.

But as he watched consumer healthcare costs continue to spiral out of control, Madden eventually came to realize that there was something profoundly wrong with the entire approach of the healthcare IT industry. He realized that the entire culture of the field was broken. This was the impetus behind his formation of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a healthcare consulting firm that has as its mission nothing short of saving the U.S. healthcare system from collapse.

Turning around a 100-car freight train

But the job that Madden and Evergreen have set before them is no small task. This is particularly true in light of the fact that Madden founded the company just over a year ago. In July of 2017, Madden and a few other choice people who shared his vision of completely overhauling how the healthcare IT field is approached got together. They sat in a rented board room and, as Madden jovially puts it, pretended they had a company until they actually did.

This marked the beginning of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Since then, the company has begun to spread out across different areas of the healthcare IT business. One of the areas in which it is currently fighting to combat inefficiency and abuse is the problem of information soloing. Electronic hospital records have traditionally been proprietary affairs, only being circulated within the hospitals and networks in which they were created. Madden and his team are now undertaking the life-and-death task of making these critical records compatible across all hospital networks within the United States.

Another area in which Evergreen is helping to shape a better future for healthcare is in the field of consumer health apps and platforms. Drew Madden says that healthcare consumers are often less well informed than people looking for the best Mexican restaurant in their area. Madden says that resolving this information barrier will do wonders for introducing real competition and driving down costs.