The impressive career of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo


Currently, Sanchez is the Chief Executive Officer of Editorial Televisa. Galindo was born in 1975, in Cruz Manca in Mexico City. He attained his degree in mathematics in Instituto Technologico. Later, Galindo also furthered his studies and undertook executive education at Stanford University. He took other minor and major courses to increase his knowledge base. From his studies and experience, Galindo has been able to run different positions.

Professional career

Having received recognition in different fields in his business career, Sanchez has been entrusted with high profiled positions in major firms. In these companies, Sanchez served in different capacities. For six years, Sanchez was the chief financial minister in Mexico. In this position, he handled different financial related challenges and this improved his understanding of the financial systems. Later, he joined a team of doctors in helping the less fortunate to access better medical care. There a lot of people who cannot afford quality healthcare and for this reason, a group of physicians came together to help them. Having had a background in financial management, Sanchez became a member without a requirement of being a physician. He managed finances and gave directions on how expenditure should be handled.

The developing career before Televisa

Earning the title CEO is a not an easy task. There has to be a lot of experience involved and an above average understanding of the systems operations. In his professional career, Sanchez has had a good professional career and an outstanding track record. Having held several other positions in the past, his current success as the CEO of the Grupo Televisa is an indication of successful leadership.

Sanchez as the CEO of Grupo Televisa

With his impressive academic achievement, Sanchez created a good professional profile that has marketed his operations. He has been influential in advertising, broadcasting, media, and in general entertainment. One of his greatest achievements in his career in Televisa is the increase in revenues to the current $10 billion a year. In the history of Grupo Televisa, there has never been such an achievement under any leadership. This success seems huge, but there are other policies which he has developed to help in maintaining the current company profile. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo o has created a leadership style in the company where more than 10000 employees can be managed without having to strain. With this success, it is salient to conclude that it is safe to look up to him for career development and success in business operations.