Upwork: Tackling Your List

Upwork is a very popular platform that millions of freelancers have use to get extra work that is being offered by professionals and corporations. It’s also true that many can struggle with getting everything done in the amount of time they desire. Its from this activity that most never finish tasks that are due. There are some things you can do to speed up your work load and be successful. Here are 10 tips that could be a game changer for you if you seek to finish any to-do list in record time.

Capturing the Tasks

Don’t fall for that fact that we all can remember everything we need to do. There is such a thing called the Zeigernik Effect where we simply keep a running log of the incomplete tasks in our mind. Its encouraged that all freelancers who are facing a long list of tasks that they write everything down on paper. Avoid trying to remember what needs to be done, but instead capture all tasks in a well-organized list.

Advance Prep

Our energy is the strongest in the morning and this is the time we excel the most. In order to make sure you are at your best and your list is doable, you must consider creating a list before you go to bed. Further, look at all of your tasks and pick which one you want to start with as you prepare your day.

All in one place

We are all at fault when it comes to keeping our tasks all over the place. This can include post-it notes stuck on the fridge or on various applications. In order to be successful in completing your work, you should keep everything in one place. Find an application or software task creator and start there. You don’t want to find yourself having to check various sources to know what you need to do. Use one tool to make things easier for yourself.

For those looking for more work outside their regular jobs, Upwork can be a great platform. Many freelancers have registered with the company to take on work offered by businesses on a global scale.