Brightening Your Online Reputation


In today’s day and age, you can not have a business without some sort of online presence. Monitoring and managing this online presence can be frustrating and confusing. Sometimes nasty customers write bad reviews, and your company did nothing wrong. Then what? Your online presence has been tarnished, right? Wrong. You would think that a bad review or two may hurt your business, but sometimes if the review is completely false, your supporters will rally around you and make sure people know that review is false information. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

So, false or not what do you do to ensure you have a healthy internet presence? Bad reviews aside for a minute, study up on SEOs. This is search engine organization. This is what makes google decide that your information is what is relevant to the person searching for you. This happens through key terms in your website, google page, Facebook, or other social media sites. These key terms are what make your page searchable. Also, changing and constantly updating your website. Google likes webpages that have current and up-to-date information. As far as that bad review goes, almost all places that someone can leave a review, a company can dispute the review, or at the very least, leave a response that is professional. Responses should state that you are sorry they had a bad experience and welcome the person to call or return to the business so that you can make it right.

If all this seems like too much work, and you have a little bit of extra cash in your pocket, there are companies out there like fix search results that are more than willing to give you a hand with updating, cleaning up, and maintaining your online presence. Doing so will ensure that your company is seen in a positive light and can continue to grow despite (or in spite of) a nasty customer.