CloudWick Is One of the Fastest Growing Data Storage Providers

There are many data storage providers in the world today. Therefore, the competition has never been greater for companies that are trying to break into this very lucrative industry. Businesses need to trust the company they are paying to store their data. They need to know that it will not be tampered with in any way while it is being stored. Therefore, it is tough for new data storage companies to gain the confidence of new customers when they do not already have an established track record. CloudWick has managed to defy the odds by gaining a very large amount of customers in a short period of time. This is due to the high quality of service that they provide to their customers.

CloudWick founder Maninder Chhabra admits that he was a little nervous when he first launched the company. He said the hardest thing about making a company a success is getting the general public to find out about it when there is so much competition to choose from. He believes that developing the technology that his company uses was the easiest part of the process. Fortunately, he hired a good marketing team that was able to utilize social media to get the word out about what CloudWick does and how they are different from all of the other data storage companies that are out there.

One of the things that Maninder Chhabra credits for the rapid rise of CloudWick is the fact that they take great care of their customers. This has caused their customers to recommend the company’s services to their colleagues. This has resulted in rapid growth that otherwise would not have occurred. There is no substitute for great service. This is the mission statement of CloudWick.

Another key factor that has helped the company get to where it is today is their innovative technology. They always pay attention to what all of their competitors are doing. They then start to plan projects around beating their competitors in specific areas. The research and development department of CloudWick is the biggest and most expensive part of the company.