Learn about IDLife

Some fitness and health companies make unrealistic promises of weight loss that usually remain unfulfilled fantasies. IDLife is not one of them. It actually succeeds were others fail and is totally worth reading this article to find out how.

Supplements offered on the market are a waste of time and money. They are a one size fits all variety. You won’t go to your local clothing store and expect to buy the same size shirt for you and your five year old son and expect it to fit both of you. It won’t work, so why would you expect supplements to work that way. IDLife tailor engineers its supplements for it customers.

Before anyone receives supplements from IDLife, body chemistry must be taken into account. All supplements are HIPPA-compliant with evidence-based assessments done to provide safety as well to provide the best products for customers. Unlike other companies IDLife does not use fillers. Fillers are ingredients added to supplements that provide to value what so ever and are in most supplements on the market. This is what makes IDLife different than any other company on the market. IDLife does not cheat its customers.

The founder of IDLife took advantage of science when creating these products. Recommendations from 7,500 peer-reviewed journals and clinical studies were used to produce customized supplements. The company has over a million formulas so there is going to be something for everyone. All ingredients are pharmaceutical-grade nutrients and are taken at different times of the day to insure the best levels are absorbed. They are also screen to prevent anything harmful to a person.

The IDLife business model is very different than other companies. It uses a network marketing model, this means its products are not sold in stores. They are using distributors who showcase in various settings so they can cut out the retailers and allow distributors to keep a larger share of the profits. For IDLife word of mouth is the best way to advertise. Chuck Miller a customer and distributor has lost over 20 lbs. He is just one many success stories IDLife has, with many more to come.

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