The Brains Behind Lime Crime Makeup

Doe Deere is a fashion icon, designer and a lucrative entrepreneur. Her choice of lipstick color, hair and nail polish will clearly tell you that she is brave and doesn’t conform easily to what the society considers normal. She holds strongly to the notion that makeup is a way for us to express our inner underlying moods and not something to be used to conceal imperfections. She uses her social media accounts to show women that they can be happy and confident with whatever colors they choose for their makeup and should not be intimidated by anyone.

Doe Deere success journey has not been easy. Having been born and educated in Russia, she decided to move across to New York to pursue her dreams. Her first interests were to become an artist, a song writer. She joined a band, but with it being a new upcoming band it was challenging to break through. Doe tells Ideamensch that her struggles as an artist served as lessons and gave her the desire to diversify her talents. After which she decided to follow her fashion design dreams which also didn’t work as planned.

Doe is a true example of persistence. She may not have broken through from her previous ventures but she did find something that she was passionate and great at. Put all her resources and heart to it: Lime Crime makeup. Lime Crime Makeup was launched in 2008 that would serve as a provider for colourful makeup products for her clients who needed whimsy in their lives. In just a few years in operations, the company has sold millions worth of their products which constitutes of lipsticks, polish and blush.

Doe knows well how it feels to be appreciated by clients by buying their products. As a result, all their products are vegan inspired and of great quality. Doe is a never in a rush when coming up with an idea as she believes that great ideas take time to show. However, when they do so acts swiftly to give her clients what they deserve. Before the launch of any product, Doe tests it first, a lesson that many manufacturers should learn from her.

Moreover, Doe believes in establishing good relations with her clients and employees. She understands that employees are the main reason she is able to provide for her clients. Therefore, she seeks to inspire them and help them attain their growth and career development.