Entrepreneurship with Dr. Mark McKenna

Born in New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he wanted to become a physician from a young age. The son of a doctor, he saw medicine as a way to give back and help people live their best possible lives. However, he also had the drive to be a great businessperson. By combining his medical degree with an MBA, he has been able to indulge his entrepreneurial streak.

After graduating from Tulane University’s School of Medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna joined his father’s practice. He also began developing real estate on a small scale. When tragedy struck in the form of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. McKenna was there.

Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he was luckier than many. He threw himself into community service and the recovery effort. By helping to develop low- and mid-income housing, he did what he could to help the city rise from the ashes. He even served on the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

By 2007, McKenna knew it was time to move on. He relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. McKenna is a big fan of lifestyle medicine. This approach does not only treat acute symptoms. Effective lifestyle medicine focuses on issues including diet, weight loss, and overall fitness.

In Atlanta, Dr. McKenna launched ShapeMed. This business combined the best aspects of medicine and aesthetics. By helping people look their best, McKenna knew that he could help them feel more confident, and achieve their full potential. Over seven years, McKenna watched the company expand and grow. Eventually, it was sold to a publicly-traded corporation.

For almost two years after the sale, Dr. Mark McKenna stayed on board to help with the transition. Finally, in 2017, he launched his latest enterprise. OVME, his latest idea, is a technology-enabled, customer-facing medical aesthetic business.

In addition to his businesses and medical enterprises, Dr. McKenna is a devoted family man. He lives with his wife, daughter and dog. He continues to give back to the community, too.