Forward Thinking Fabletics

Fabletics is sweeping the nation as a fashion phenomenon! Kate Hudson is a superstar who has broken barriers and crossed borders. She has taken Hollywood stardom to the next level and started a Forbes List business. She believes in the rights of modern women to be comfortable and fashionable. She loves the idea of a woman’s freedom of choice in working out and going to the grocery store.

Fabletics is a great brand that focuses on comfort and functionality. The clothes are known for their colorful patterns and brightly woven material. The leggings are form fitting and perfect for all weather. The tops come in different sizes and are perfect for a quick run or a casual walk. You can wear them and show off your midriff or relax with bare shoulders.

The business model of Fabletics is very unique. They started off as an online company and quickly switched into adding brick and mortar stores. Currently, there are 16 locations and counting. The physical stores serve as a sort of showroom for customers who are free to window shop, try on clothes, and consider their purchases for a later date. This is called reverse showrooming. Many companies have seen a dip in profits from customers’ practice of trying on clothes in store and buying online from cheaper alternatives like Amazon. But, Fabletics embraces this practice and takes the pressure off of customers to buy on the spot.

Fabletics isn’t without its challenges but since the firm evolves and moves to new lands (as well as brand new competitors) the total amount of life, consumer instruction and client experience appears to be paying off time and time again. On site press and creative teams which scale Fabletics around 10 countries are centered on data engineering and yield to investment. They are constantly developing and evolving. They take the time to study customer trends and focus on creating new experiences.


Fabletics could be recorded as one of a growing military of nimble, data-aware and risk-positive brands that know that the “brand new” consumer. Everything is moving into the internet and Fabletics proudly embraces forward thinking technological advances. But, purchasing physical retail centers along with adopting a new form of showrooming have been controversial for older proponents. Kate Hudson has prevailed and proved herself to be a savvy CEO. Fabletics appears to be willing to take every bullet in its own arsenal to grant the customer the ideal experience if that’s offline or online.