Jason Hope Shows Off His Light Humorous Side with Funny Tees

Entrepreneur Jason Hope might not be a comedian, but he certainly has a humorous side to his personality. Hope released his funny tee shirt collection in 2014 and it continues to be a successful venture for this accomplished business man. You might not be familiar with Jason Hope. If you are not, then let me quickly tell you about this tech genius.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who is based out of Arizona. He helped to start a lot of tech related enterprises, but he also works in other areas as well. Hope has done work in biotechnology and he is an avid philanthropist. Jason has also consulted for businesses. He helps to establish grant programs for entrepreneurs and he even works with high school students.

One of his best endeavors to date is the Jason Hope Tees. This is a line of tee shirts that has silly sayings on the front. The t-shirt company wants to keep a lighthearted and humorous tone with the shirts. They realize that they don’t always have to take everything so seriously. Engaging in laughter is something that more people probably should be doing. The fact is that there is so many negative things happening in the world every day, that it should make any person depressed.

The fabric of Hope’s tees is made of cotton. The shirts are sold in a variety of neutral colors such as black, white and gray. Some of the sayings on the shirt include phrases such as: “The World’s Okayest Sister” or “My Imaginary Friend Thinks You Have Serious Mental Problems”.

The shirts can be great conversation pieces and they could possibly get a rise out of some people. That is exactly what Jason’s line of shirts is designed to do. The company states that customers can purchase the shirts directly from their website or they can pick one up on Amazon.

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