Keith Mann Finds A Gap In The Recruitment Of Financial Specialists And Fills It

Keith Mann is an executive who has spent almost his entire life working towards the goal of providing a high quality service to source the best possible executives for many different areas of the financial industry. The native New Yorker first made a splash in the financial recruitment industry when he formed the Dynamics Executive Search that provided recruitment skills for various members of the financial industry, but Mann still believed he could focus in even more on the hedge fund industry that had always interested him in terms of strategy, planning, and recruitment for alternative investment companies.


As the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners Keith Mann has been looking to develop new ways of making sure he gets the best candidates for each and every open position in the hedge fund and alternative markets industry. Keith Mann established the company in 2009 after creating a new department within Dynamics Executive Search in 2006 that was designed to provide recruitment services for hedge fund companies; over the course of the last seven years the Dynamics Search Partners company has grown in power and strength to become one of the top financial recruitment companies for top Wall Street investment firms.


Over the course of the life of Dynamics Search Partners Keith Mann has overseen many of the developments that are now seen as industry standards for the rivals of DSP. One of the main growth areas Dynamics Search Partners has been at the forefront of developments for is that of the creation of a dedicated client and candidate portal that makes it easy for any individual to access the services of the recruitment company and saves time in the search portion of the experience candidates have with Keith Mann’s company. Along with the growth of technology for Dynamics Search Partners the ability to identify when candidate meets the needs of a client has set the company apart from rivals who do not look to make sure the candidate is as happy as possible at all times.