Martin Lustgarten – A Unique Source of Financing

Today, companies are looking for alternative ways to obtain financing for raising capital, mergers and acquisitions. An investment bank is a great source for underwriting new debt and equity securities for all type of corporations. They also aid in the sale of securities, help facilitate mergers and reorganizations as well as broker trades for both institutions and private investors.


Many large investment banks are associated with larger banking institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Merrill Lynch.


Martin Lustgarten, Chief Executive Officer of Lustgarten, Martin, is an investment banker who has been widely successful due to an investment strategy that has made him a fortune. He conducts sales ad imports from various countries such as France, Venezuela and Singapore by approaching banks and giving them an offer to sell them dollars but at a top price compared to the common rates. He pursues opportunities by with the foreign exchange rate by buying and importing products from countries in Europe and selling them at higher prices which are determined by the value of the dollar in these host country banks.


Mr. Lustgarten is a Florida native who in a period of 10 years has made successful accomplishments with investment banking to include real estate development. His company, Lustgarten, offers import services for goods allowed by the market. Follow him on Tumblr to stay up-to-date with his news and events.

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    These investment bankers help corporations, governments and other financial entities plan and manage large projects by identifying risks so they are a good resource for providing advice on how to best plan their development and growth. There is a way for to handle everything on their end.

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