Princess Anne, 73, continues to recover from a "horse incident" concussion she received on June 23.

"The diary on @RoyalFamily website has been updated to remove Princess Anne's engagement next week, as she is still recovering from her accident last month," Gert's Royals shared.

Rhea Freeman, a fellow equestrian who knows the princess, revealed HRH will "not be too happy about her change in schedule."

On June 23, the Princess Royal suffered an "out-of-nowhere blow to the head" on her Gatcombe Park estate. After several days of receiving treatment in a hospital, Anne, 73, has been released and is recuperating at her home in Gloucestershire. Her children, Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall, also live on the same estate and are said to be assisting their mother in her recovery.

"Princess Anne is an incredible lady — passionate, clever and quick-witted, genuinely interested in the people she meets and the events she attends, and is incredibly hard-working," Freeman added. "I imagine she’ll be eager to get back to work as soon as possible as she brings awareness, understanding and so much more to places she visits and organizations and events she supports.”

The princess is said to have spent "over 40 years" with very few off days when it comes to royal duties, which Freeman points to. "After spending a short amount of time in Princess Anne’s presence, I got the distinct impression that she knows her own mind, and I can’t imagine she’ll be too happy about having to take things easy."

She continued: "She’s worked incredibly hard for many years, attending over 450 events last year. Her normal schedule is relentless and she often attends multiple events a day, so having enforced time off will be very strange, I’m sure."

As The Royal Observer previously reported, Buckingham Palace said of the hard-working HRH's accident: "The Princess Royal has sustained minor injuries and concussion following an incident on the Gatcombe Park estate yesterday evening," the message read. "Her Royal Highness remains in Southmead Hospital, Bristol, as a precautionary measure for observation and is expected to make a full and swift recovery. The King has been kept closely informed and joins the whole royal family in sending his fondest love and well-wishes to The Princess for a speedy recovery."

Her Royal Highness was elevated to the role of senior working royal when her eldest brother, King Charles III, inherited the Crown. Despite being the hardest working British royal for several years running, Her Royal Highness is reported to be "especially devoted" to fulfilling royal duties in the wake of her sibling's cancer diagnosis, as well as the same condition affecting Kate, Princess of Wales.

Princess Anne is set to turn 74 on August 15.

People reported on Anne's canceled schedule.

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