Financial documents that New York prosecutors contend misled Trump Organization lenders and investors are no longer prepared by the company, an executive at Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial reportedly testified Monday.

The “statements of financial condition” — which Attorney General Letitia James argues fraudulently inflated Trump’s worth between 2014 and 2021 — have now been scrapped by the Trump Organization, testified Mark Hawthorn, according to the Associated Press.

“There is no roll-up financial statement of the company,” said Hawthorn, who runs the Trump Organization’s hotel division.

When asked why, Hawthorn reportedly replied the financial condition statements were “not required by any lender, currently, or any constituency.”

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Hawthorn took the stand for the defense in the New York City civil courtroom where Trump and his two sons face a $250 million lawsuit that could threaten the family’s business empire, the Associated Press reports.

The Trumps deny wrongdoing. They have already been found liable of fraud in a summary judgment handed down before the trial started, making the hearing mainly about deciding damages.

Trump’s attorney Clifford Robert reportedly said the financial condition statements were among a wide array of Trump Organization records with which “no one had a problem.”

According to the report, Andrew Amer, a state prosecutor, argued those other documents were “irrelevant."

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