Attorney Jeff Herman And The Darkside Of Sunshine


Jeff Herman is a renowned attorney born and raised in the USA. Herman founded Herman Law which is famous for landmark litigation cases challenging stalwart clergy sexual abuse coverups. But he started his career in commercial law in Florida. He completed his B.S. degree at the University of Arizona then immediately enrolled in the law school of Case Western Reserve University where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 1985.


While serving as lead attorney of his own commercial litigation firm; Herman Law, a close acquaintance referred to him in 1997 a unique civil case regarding sexual molestation of a four-year-old autistic boy. Jeff Herman noticed the insipid deception and long anchored trickery characteristic of sexual misconduct by members of religious and educational institutions. He could not resist the challenge of demolishing their self-assured and hypocritical structures. Jeff dove wholeheartedly into the case and many more would follow.


To date since 1997 Jeff Herman and his team are credited with recovering over $175 million USD in civil damages per sexual abuse cases and that doesn’t even include the undisclosed settlement amounts. He has attained the familiar title of advocate for the sexually abused who often find themselves without a voice. Jeff has won cases against Catholic institutions, Jewish establishments and those purported to impart knowledge unto minors. He has successfully toppled their often ludicrous, self-serving and predatory rationale and procedures. Jeff has also developed a surefire strategy of detonation against these destructive fortifications. The ‘people’ he fights against are not those with whom one may sit and reason. They couldn’t care less about how they would feel whether or not their own family member or loved one would endure the things they perpetrate against others. Indeed, some such scoundrels have admitted to abusing their own family members in similar fashion.


Attorney Jeff Herman attributes his success to his team of equally passionate litigation and retired law enforcement professionals who help him to analyze each case scenario and appoint a timeline using whiteboards in order to visually ascertain which employees have hidden or otherwise ignored the sexual problems in their workplaces. He expands Herman Law firm by completely immersing and dedicating himself to the cause and that involves teaching other professionals and parents what to watch out for in their children. Attorney Jeff Herman also points out that delighting in each step versus getting anxious to reach an end is key in learning one’s internal strengths and prowess gathered along the way. Go To This Page for related information.


To keep himself unencumbered with the daily darkness he must encounter Jeff remembers to 1. walk in empathy versus sympathy and 2. go fishing with his family. Jeff suggests the ubiquitous reading and application of the nuggets shared by the world-renowned Dale Carnegie in his globally acclaimed book “How To Win Friends And Influence People.”



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Paul Herdsman And Constant Effort


Paul Herdsman is a proud entrepreneur who is headquartered in Boca Raton in Florida. He refers to himself as being a son, brother, husband, father, fishing lover and golfer. He also describes himself as being someone who has a penchant for taking care of troubling dilemmas. He’s NICE Global’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder.


Paul Herdsman isn’t a businessman who is afraid of putting a lot of effort into his aims. NICE Global is a prominent firm that focuses on business pathways. It’s in Montego Bay in Jamaica and has been in existence since 2014. Herdsman now calls Florida his home. The state isn’t where his life started, however. It actually started in the city of Kingston, Jamaica.


NICE Global is a business that can do a lot for firms. It assists firms that want to get access in higher numbers of customers. It assists those that wish to reduce overhead considerably. It, last but not least, aids those that are enthusiastic about increasing profits significantly. Outsourcing of customer service is a big offering that’s available through NICE Global. Other things that are accessible through NICE Global are up-selling assistance, cross-selling assistance, outsourced email help and technical support.


Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


People all around the United States have one major grievance. They don’t like phoning businesses only to reach answering machines. Answering machines are not capable of comprehending voices properly. This irks callers. They have the desire to speak with breathing human beings who know exactly what’s going on at any given moment. NICE Global supplies businesses with the convenience of answering services. Its answering services can do a lot to make customers feel relaxed and secure. See Related Link for additional information.


Herdsman is a determined powerhouse who has done so much to give Nice Global all of its current glories. He’s perpetually thinking and pushing forward in this life.


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Vijay Eswaran: A Servant Leader Knows Why He Was Put On This Earth

Do you want to be a civil servant? Do you want to be a leader? There are many leadership qualities that are necessary if you want to be a good leader. However, there is a lot more to being a good leader than just having good leadership qualities.

According to the famous motivational speaker Vijay Eswaran, there are five C’s of being a leader. These are all essential if you want to be a leader, and there is no way you can be a good leader if you are missing just one of these five qualities. Perhaps you can be a manager at a company, but being a true leader will be beyond your grasp.

Vijay Eswaran says that being a true servant leader means putting the needs of others above the needs of yourself. You have to be able to put the needs of the people you’re leading before your own desires and even before your own personal needs. Otherwise, you will not be a true leader and you will never gain a following of committed followers.

The first C is care. You have to truly care about the people you are leading. If you own a company, you have to truly care about the quality of the customer service. You have to truly care about your customers and really want them to enjoy themselves and get the full value for their money, and you need to really care about your employees and make sure they are getting paid and treated properly. A company that does not care about its employees will never be successful because if the employees are not happy, then the quality of their service will never be as great and the customers will never be able to get full satisfaction.

Servant leaders care without any restraint. They realize that the whole purpose they were put on this earth is to help out other people. They were not put on this earth for their own selfish needs. Therefore, they really care about others. They really care about the people around them and want them to succeed and enjoy life.


Currently, OSI Group is the biggest food suppliers in the world’s Group has over 20,000 workers that are determined to offer customers with the best services. Today, they operate in seventeen countries across the globe. The company started as single premises, but today it has grown to be one of the significant corporate business in the history of the American economy. The company is still growing in the current modern world.

It was during the American immigration that OSI Group started. Otto Kolschowsky established the company as a small scale butchery owned by the family in Chicago. When the First World War was ending, Kolschowsky improved the premises to be the wholesale type of business. This includes locating shops in other parts of Chicago suburb, Maywood. In the year 1928, the name changed to Otto & sons.

In the year 1955, the first McDonalds restaurant started its operations in Illinois.The companay began to supply fresh Ground Beef to McDonald restaurant. As MacDonald hotels continued to expand over the world,the company was given the mandate to supply to these restaurants.

During the late 1960s, there was technology advancement that leads to more effective and affordable services being offered by Otto & sons. This resulted to the close relationship between the McDonalds and Otto & Sons. The first plant was built in 1973 to supply only to MacDonald product only.OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

The company opened its first facility outside Chicago in the year 1977 in West Jordan. Afterward, the company continued to expand in parts of North America. Lavin became the CEO of OSI Group company in the year 1980s; he had vast experience in the areas of investment and leadership. Under the leadership of Leavin, the company was ranked as one of the best companies in the United States.

The OSI company continues to grow in close partnership with Nation Pizza and Foods that was started in 1994. A new plant was established in Oakland, Lowa that majored in the production of Sausage, Beacon, and hot dogs. Poultry processing project was launched in early 2000; the project was facilitated by the acquisition of the U.K.-Company Moy Park.

In the year 2010 OSI Group opened a beef production in Japan, later its expanded to Asia-pacific. New facilities were started in India in 2012.OSI Group acquired the full control of Baho Food’s Group has made tremendous steps in achieving its success over the years,


The encouraging lifetime achievements of Robert Ivy

Robert ivy the CEO of the American Institute of Architects was born in Columbus, Mississippi in the United States of America. He is a holder of a Masters degree in the field of Architecture from the Tulane University and also in Bachelor of arts in English from Sewanee University. Robert ivy’s continuous success in his career acts as a high motivation for many people in the whole world. Young people who tend to be discouraged from facing particular challenges in their businesses are encouraged to keep growing their business to higher heights.

Robert Ivy served in the Architectural Record as the senior editor and also the general manager of a communication media (McGraw-Hill) which involved various magazines. From his lifetime achievements, he has managed to receive a variety of awards recognizing his success. During his leadership role in the Architectural Record, the company was able to earn various awards namely the premier magazine journalism award and the national magazine award from the American associates of magazine publishers. Later In 1998, Ivy managed to receive recognition for his managerial success during his leadership in the McGraw-Hill company.

IN 2009, Robert Ivy also received a personal award called the Crain Award for being the topmost recognized media person in the American media industry. In the following year 2010, the top senior architecture in the country Alpha Rho Chi acknowledged Robert Ivy as the Master of Architecture for his commendable efforts in the design industry. Other officials recognized for the architectural success included DR. Nathan Clifford Ricker, Ludwig Nies Vander Rohe, and John Wellborn Root among others.

The senior officer of the American Institute Architects compliments Mr. Ivy for his excellent job in the editorial role in the company. He crowns him for all his achievements in the corporation at a personal level and therefore asks other stuff in the company to emulate his efforts.

Robert Ivy is set to officially earn his award for all his life achievements and success as he comes through in his professional business career at Mississippi Institute of Arts in the United States. During this event Robert is also accompanied by his fellow media person who was able to design a stained-glass, Mr. Andrew Cary Young.

The various awards of Mr. Ivy sounds1 as a wake up calling to many individuals or even business groups who may have given up in their goals since his motivations since acts as promise for prosperity.

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Rick Shinto’s Legacy in Innovacare Health Company

Innovacare is one of the leading firms in North America dealing with the healthcare management. Its primary object is to provide quality healthcare services to the clients through the use of the most advanced technology. It aims at solving the problems and the challenges that exist in the health sector. It has been able to go through rapid growth and development over the years because of the qualified, dedicated and committed members. The health care providers at the firm ensure that they have the best relationship with the clients which help in ensuring a maximum level of satisfaction.

The company has a number of operational values which have enabled it to be where it is now. One of the values is that to them, the client satisfaction comes first before anything else. They understand that different c, clients have different needs. They also believe in teamwork and effective communication between them which has enabled them to solve the complex challenges in the company. This is because good communication skills enhance transparency and exchange of ideas between the members of the company. This is also one of the reasons the company has grown to a significant level.

Besides, Innovacare Health has had a number of qualified and experienced leaders who have greatly contributed to its success. One of these leaders is Rick Shinto who is the firm’s president and the CEO. Before working in the company, he had worked in a significant number of other companies in the health sector which gave him experience and expertise in health management.

Rick Shinto has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, a medical degree from the State University of New York as well as a master’s degree from the University of Redlands. It is under his excellent leadership that the company has experienced rapid growth and development. He has enhanced the cooperation and commitment of the employees to work towards the achievement of the company’s primary goal.

In addition, Rick Shinto colleague Penelope also has contributed to the growth of the Innovacare Health since she is an expert in innovating clinical programs She works with a lot of dedication to ensure that the company achieves its objectives. She had worked in a number of health institutions meaning that her experience and vast knowledge about the health sector plays a key role in the firm’s development. She also had experience in the managing of healthcare programs.

Under the leadership of Erich Shinto, InnovaCare Health received the highest recognition by the National Committee for quality assurance because of the highest quality plans the company has been offering to the clients.


CTCA Fights Alongside WebMD to Get More Cancer Education Out to Public

CTCA fights alongside WebMD to get more cancer education out to the public masses. Their goals are to get more individuals in to see their family doctors earlier, increase public’s awareness on cancer information and reduce the stigma and fright by revealing cancer updates that can give everyone hope for the future. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has learned a long time ago that being straight forward and always truthful with cancer information is always appreciated by the patients being cared for. Nobody likes to be kept in the dark. With information, cancer patients can better make informed decisions with regards to their healthcare.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is enjoying this new venture into the vast Internet world. As more and more people get connected via computers and the Internet, more information can be found on all sorts of healthcare subjects. This is good in some ways, but it should be noted than not every online site really takes the time or trouble to research much of what they post. When this misinformation is about health, things can get dangerous if someone were to take whatever false information that they found online and actually followed the directions. This is why CTCA has given their reliable healthcare facts on cancer subjects to the trusted online site of WebMD.

WebMD has long known to research each new article that they post. This site won’t post unless they know the healthcare information was obtained from a reliable and factual source. The public does have the right to be able to search freely for healthcare answers. Many in the younger generations are much more familiar with computer technology than those generations older. It does make sense to reach these online users with up-to-date and relevant cancer care advice and information. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the most well known and respected providers of groundbreaking cancer care. They treat many new patients each year, and the numbers that go into remission are very encouraging to everyone. Along with providing fantastic and holistic care, CTCA also focuses on cancer research to continue its quest for finding new and better cancer treatments. There are also many newly discovered remedies for some common side effects that persons undergoing certain cancer treatments are likely to get. Getting the patients healthier and stronger helps the patients fight their cancers better. Their families are also very grateful.

OSI Food Solutions – Expanding Production in Spain to Meet Increasing Market Demands

OSI Food Solutions Spain has put their money where their mouth is and have put forth 17 million euros to fund a new production line to meet the demand of their chicken products in Spain and Portugal. Over the past decade, the chicken product demand has increased by 6% annually and 8% over the past 3 years annually. It was only a matter of time before management of OSI Food Solutions would take steps towards making this advancement a reality.

This investment includes a building addition for housing this operation, which includes: waste storage rooms, oil service areas, facility supply storage, shipping and receiving areas, nitrogen tanks, a kitchen, social area for employees and more. A new surveillance system was also put in to place. And as far as emergency fire situations are concerns, a new and advanced fire fighting system was installed to work accordingly.

In general, energy consumption in meat production facilities is commonly a concern; OSI has capitalized on this matter by employing a system designed to reduce energy consumption by the process of simply recovering waste heat from a refrigeration unit, as well as from a cogeneration system. These energy consumption systems have decreased energy consumption by 20 percent in the new production plant.

Managing director of OSI Spain, Jose Maria del Rio, is excited about the new extension and because of the increasing rate of demand over the past decade, OSI is anticipating future demands and is prepared for when it comes. With the new advancements in place, OSI will be able to meet the ever so growing demands of its customers.

The plant extension would draw interest from the regional government and as a result, the government would grant OSI Spain 1.5 million euros from its European Agricultural Fund. Being granted this money by the regional government is an honor as it suggests that a business is a highly valuable asset for the benefits of local economic growth.

OSI Food Solutions Spain has improved their production efforts to meet the increasing demand of the market, constructing a production line that can produce double of what their production was prior to the investment. As demand rises in Spain and Portugal, OSI Food Solutions Spain will be fully equipped to oblige accordingly.

Rocketship Education and Their Approach to Schooling

Rocketship Education is a series of chartered school in the United States of America. The first school was erected a handful of years ago in San Jose, California. John Danner and Preston Smith established the started the non-profit charter schools and the first one opened its doors in 2007.

The very first Rocketship Education school was a complete success as the students surpassed the scores of several elite schools at the state assessment in California. That success allowed the charter to build a second school and a few more over the nex t five years. All of the sic additional school were established in the San Jose area.

After that, Rocketship Education expanded in other states as well. In 2013, the charter schools started working outside of the state of California. The first non-Californian RE school was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A year later, another one followed in Nashville, Tenessee.

Even though the Rocketship Education headquarters are based in Redwood City, California, there was no RE school in the area. That is, until in 2015 when parents gathered to raise enough funds to help establish a charter school in the city. That was a special milestone for the charter group. What the parents did showed the organization that their efforts and work are appreciated and that they are wanted enough for people to take the initiative.

In 2016, Washington D. C. also got a Rocketship Education charter school. That one received the help of the Apple Tree Institute which helped the RE to do preschooling as well. Other helpers included the Turner-Agassi Charter Facilities Fund which has been supporting the RE for a few years now.

There are a few things that have made the Rocketship Education charter school as special as they are. They have a different approach to education and involve both parents and students in the learning schedules. The schools incorporate several disciplines every day and track the interest of the students. The schools also work toward helping the student find their interests and talents and develop them.

The teaching approach is known as the Rocketship approach and parents say that it does wonders for their kids.

Payment Processing Company Acquired by Securus Technologies

Prison technology and government payment processing giant, Securus Technologies, announced that the company has acquired GovPayNet, one of the largest payment processors in the industry. The deal will allow GovPayNet, headquartered in Indianapolis, to operate under that name in the future. The company was formed in 1997 and specializes in processing government debit and credit payments, and has current contracts with over 3,500 agencies in the United States. Their business covers over 26% of U.S. counties. The move will allow Securus the capability to process over 1.2 million payments per year, establishing the company as the premier player in that space.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based technology company that specializes in inmate self-service, phone and video conferencing, biometric analysis, emergency management, and incident management to over 2,300 corrections facilities in North America. The company employees over 1,000 people in Dallas and three other regional offices in the United States. The move to acquire GovPayNet is the latest in a number of acquisitions by the company in the past 10 years, as they have positioned themselves as the number one provider of inmate and parolee communications. The CEO of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie, will stay in his leadership role at the company.