The Diligence of Dan Bethelmy-Rada Rewards His Career

In January 2015, Dan Bethelmy-Rada earned his title as the youngest executive for Professional Products Division in L’Oreal. His success comes after his consistency in the company operating in the Garnier and Paris brands for over a decade. Dan’s long-term operation in L’Oreal supplemented his abilities in the field and advanced his marketing skills. As the youngest leader in the company, Dan Bethelmy works towards ensuring the inclusivity of young marketers in the sector. His attributes consisting of determination and ambition guides him in fostering team development in the organization. Dan Bethelmy also embraces talent diversity postulating that they are relevant in the attainment of overall success.

Dan states that being a marketing executive requires an individual to possess strong success tenets. In his case, he works with many principles that boost his achievement chances. It is Dan’s policy to work ambitiously in every project. According to him, the zeal to produce excellent work governs his operations and his team. Dan Bethelmy states that it is essential for his outcome to reflect the best of his potential. As such, he expects every L’Oreal employee to work towards fulfilling this important tenet.

Another important strategy for Dan is pushing the limits to think outside the box. As L’Oreal’s leader, Bethelmy-Rada urges the workers to think extraordinarily for particular results. He recommends the utilization of inspiration to widen mentality and thinking capabilities. In the latter, Dan values communication tenet. In his opinion, communication is the backbone of togetherness in achieving success.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada attributes his trajectory to his education and life background. He is a graduate of the Sorbonne and ESSEC Business institution situated in France. His acquisition of an International Business degree presented great opportunities for Dan in the corporate globe. He commenced his profession in 2003 at L’Oreal Paris as the company’s product manager. Later, he advanced to multiple international roles until his attainment of the firm’s highest rank. Besides focusing on his career, Dan involves himself in other outdoor activities including travelling. Throughout his lifetime, he has resided in multiple locations including Venezuela, Paris and the United States. Besides travelling, he is passionate about photography.