UKV PLC Offers Collectible Investment Grade Wines And Champagnes

It will come as no surprise to intelligent people that the climate on the earth is changing, and that man has had a far-reaching effect on global warming. Because of this, it is not unusual that the wine producing parts of the French countryside, well known for giving the world some of the finest of beverages has increased in size and moved northward. It is now possible for vineyards to produce grapes in the British Isles. England has now begun producing grapes and wines that rival France in color, bouquet, and taste.

For this reason, a company named UKV PLC has been formed near London. It is composed of a group of fine wine consultants who are dedicated to finding the best wine or champagne for any occasion. UKV PLC specializes in the acquisition and sale of the world’s most exciting and pleasurable investment. That investment is the purchasing and ultimate consumption of fine wines and champagnes that have achieved luxury grade status. Many of the products of UKV PLC have name recognition, even for the non-wine drinker. The company offers Dom Perignon and Lafite Rothschilds champagne and wine to the wine enthusiast by salesmen who express that the wines have intrinsic value and investment value based on their luxury grade and availability.

UKV PLC makes reference to Robert Parker and uses his name in association with their services. This is similar to Donald Trump’s way of using his name to make money from his celebrity while offering nothing of real value to the company.

Before making any investment with UKV PLC ask for a prospectus and never make an investment decision over the telephone.

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