Marc Beer Oversees Series B Funding for Renovia

In August 2018, Marc Beer the CEO of Renovia Inc. oversaw the Series B round of funding for his startup. A total of $42 million was raised in this period. $10 million was collected from the venture debt while the remaining $32 million came from investors. All the proceeds will go towards enhancing the fight against pelvic floor disorders. A number of new products were lined up and this was the perfect opportunity to invest in them.

Urinary incontinence is one of the pelvic floor disorders that are giving women a hard time. According to reports from researchers, close to 250 million women all over the world have to deal with such disorders. Renovia has stepped up its diagnostic and therapeutic efforts against the disorders with the development of new products. Their first big break came in April when the FDA gave Leva, their first product, the green light.

Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures spearheaded the Series B round for the Boston based company. The Longwood Fund also invested in the medtech firm. They had done the same during the first round of funding and have made a name for putting their money in different healthcare causes. Renovia Inc. had four new products in mind which the funds would finance. The second generation of the Leva device was part of the therapeutic and diagnostic products in the pipeline.

The three investment firms are among the best in the healthcare industry and Marc Beer was proud to join hands with them. He mentioned that they share a common vision to enhance the lives of patients living with pelvic floor disorders. Better diagnosis and treatment tools would go a long way in achieving this goal according to Renovia’s CEO.

The firm also intended to make good use of their ingenious sensor technologies in their efforts. Valuable data will be collected when the technology is combined with digital health platforms. Physicians and healthcare givers will in turn make more informed decisions as they handle patients with these disorders. The healthcare costs are bound to go down while the overall life of the patients will be enhanced. Learn more:

Marc Beer is well-seasoned in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Renovia saw the light of day two years ago when he teamed up with Yolanda Lorie, Ramon Iglesias and MD. Their Series A funding came from a consortium of venture capital funds that have an inclination towards the healthcare system.

He had previously established ViaCell back in 2000. The biotechnology firm was heavily involved with blood stem cells and seven years after it was founded, PerkinElmer acquired it. Marc Beer’s illustrious career also involved a stint at Genzyme as well as a board membership position at Erytech Pharma. Abbott Laboratories were his first employers and he spent much of his time there juggling a number of sales and marketing roles.

Steve Ritchie Expresses Optimism in Papa John’s Efforts to Get Back on Track

Papa John’s have one message to its customers, they expected more from Papa John’s and so they did. The company revealed that on a video it posted online, the first advertisement campaign since Steve Ritchie joined the company as CEO.

Steve Ritchie wrote an open letter to customers in addition to the campaign to inform them on the efforts the company has put to come back on track after some disappointing events that reduced its sales. Papa John’s has registered low sales over the past say one year. According to the company’s CEO, Papa John’s has rolled out ‘unconscious bias training’ program for employees across the country.

In the open letter, Steve Ritchie also said that its diversity and inclusion practices auditing are underway and recommendations are expected soon. Ritchie embarked on a journey traveling through Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, and Dallas in a listening tour tailored to establish the views of Papa John’s employees and franchisees on how the company can do better.

Ritchie stated that the company has put together an advisory group made up of reputable equity, diversity and inclusion experts who will help in brand guidance. He is also committed to diversify the company’s leadership team.

Steve Ritchie has over 25 years of experience in the pizza business. He has been interested in the business because pizza brings people together. He found a home in Papa John’s because it brings together many people from all walks of life to spread love through tasteful and nutritious pizza. They believe in fairness, equity, opportunity and respect. They value their people and people are core to the company’s business. He has worked hard since he joined the company in January to realize their values and his efforts have met unwavering support from his extensive team.

He revealed in his social media accounts that he has endeavored to listen to the companies’ employees and customers. He registers their anger, hurt and disappointments and he is now looking into reforming the company to help it build its name going forward. Ritchie is forming a foundation that will bring together the divided people and celebrate those who rejoice in unity.

The Bulletproof Smart Bag NewsWatch TV Review

The SB Smart Bag:

For those of you avid hikers or college students who are plugged in, there is now a backpack to harness that. The Sam Bucket backpack or SB for short is made of 100% D nylon and waterproof for those rainy days walking to class. It also has layers of Kevlar that can withstand a shot from a 9mm gun, meaning that your laptop and more importantly you are safe.

If you need to charge on the go, you’ll love the SB bags fully equipped external USB port to keep all your devices at 100. Coming in two colors, light pink and gray, you can backpack through Europe in style and safety knowing that you have an indescribable shield on your back.

A NewsWatch TV Brief:

For over two decades, NewsWatch TV has been covering everything from the latest electronic gadgets, health, travel, general consumer review news, entertainment and interviews with the hottest celebrities. Celebrities and pro athletes interviewed include: Jenifer Lawrence, Chris Prat, Joe Montana, and Jeff Burton. Since April 2011, the TV series which airs on AMC and ION Television networks has made tech news its focus. That same year, the company launched its consumer reviews segment which brings paid product reviews of the latest tech gadgets.

With technology blowing up, NewsWatch TV had made this their new niche. And in May of 2012, they launched the now highly popular segment AppWatch. Where the latest mobile apps for Android, Apple and Windows are reviewed. NewsWatch TV has won numerous awards such as the Gold and Platinum 2017 Macromm Awards, and the National 2017 Videographer Award. With the company keeping up with the latest trends in technology, the future for NewsWatch TV lies within social media. A future that will only get brighter over time.

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Upwork: Tackling Your List

Upwork is a very popular platform that millions of freelancers have use to get extra work that is being offered by professionals and corporations. It’s also true that many can struggle with getting everything done in the amount of time they desire. Its from this activity that most never finish tasks that are due. There are some things you can do to speed up your work load and be successful. Here are 10 tips that could be a game changer for you if you seek to finish any to-do list in record time.

Capturing the Tasks

Don’t fall for that fact that we all can remember everything we need to do. There is such a thing called the Zeigernik Effect where we simply keep a running log of the incomplete tasks in our mind. Its encouraged that all freelancers who are facing a long list of tasks that they write everything down on paper. Avoid trying to remember what needs to be done, but instead capture all tasks in a well-organized list.

Advance Prep

Our energy is the strongest in the morning and this is the time we excel the most. In order to make sure you are at your best and your list is doable, you must consider creating a list before you go to bed. Further, look at all of your tasks and pick which one you want to start with as you prepare your day.

All in one place

We are all at fault when it comes to keeping our tasks all over the place. This can include post-it notes stuck on the fridge or on various applications. In order to be successful in completing your work, you should keep everything in one place. Find an application or software task creator and start there. You don’t want to find yourself having to check various sources to know what you need to do. Use one tool to make things easier for yourself.

For those looking for more work outside their regular jobs, Upwork can be a great platform. Many freelancers have registered with the company to take on work offered by businesses on a global scale.

Betsy Devos

There appear to be two different sides of Betsy DeVos’ personality. What you see depends on who you are. Take for example the incident that predated President Trump rescinding federal policy which allowed transgender students to use the restrooms that matched their gender identity


Before the public announcement, Ms. DeVos met with a representative for gay and transgender employees at the education department. She wanted to give them a heads up on the ruling which was about to come down. An aide told the employee that Ms. DeVos had fought the move. However, in public, her feelings were not quite as clear. There was no public sign that she disagreed with the administration’s decision, and is on the record as stating the earlier federal guidelines were a result of the Obama administration’s overreach.


People who know Ms. DeVos indicate that this is typical of her methodology. She will not fight publically, in fact, she is often seen as a very gracious figure. She is, however, a relentlessly effective fighter, using the combination of her driven personality and her family’s fortune to work behind the scenes, rewarding those who further her agenda, punishing those who get in her way and supporting lawmakers who will pass legislation that supports her efforts.


DeVos came into her current position with no experience working for the government and a very light history with the president. The upper levels of the Education Department were largely vacant. Both her fans and foes have no concerns about her quickly getting up to speed. She has often been underestimated, which is to the detriment of her opponent. Her personable public persona hides the underlying grit she has used to build her success.


Ms. DeVos grew up in Holland, MI, the daughter of a businessman who built his fortune in auto parts. Her brother, Erik Prince, founded Blackwater, the private security firm that provides contractor services in Afghanistan and Iraq. DeVos’s husband is even more wealthy, his father is the founder of Amway.


DeVos’s opponents have complained of her lack of experience in public schools and colleges. Both her and her husband, as well as her children, had private educations. Ms. DeVos has spent 30 years working to build support for charter schools and to allow individuals to use public funds to pay for private schools, including religious schools, in the form of vouchers.


Largely due to MS. DeVos’ work, Detroit has the largest concentration of charter schools in the United States, many of which are underperforming and chaotic. The public school system, affected by the siphoning of funds, has continued its downward spiral. She was confirmed by the Senate to head the Education Department by a vote of 1-50, with the Vice President casting the deciding vote.


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CloudWick Is One of the Fastest Growing Data Storage Providers

There are many data storage providers in the world today. Therefore, the competition has never been greater for companies that are trying to break into this very lucrative industry. Businesses need to trust the company they are paying to store their data. They need to know that it will not be tampered with in any way while it is being stored. Therefore, it is tough for new data storage companies to gain the confidence of new customers when they do not already have an established track record. CloudWick has managed to defy the odds by gaining a very large amount of customers in a short period of time. This is due to the high quality of service that they provide to their customers.

CloudWick founder Maninder Chhabra admits that he was a little nervous when he first launched the company. He said the hardest thing about making a company a success is getting the general public to find out about it when there is so much competition to choose from. He believes that developing the technology that his company uses was the easiest part of the process. Fortunately, he hired a good marketing team that was able to utilize social media to get the word out about what CloudWick does and how they are different from all of the other data storage companies that are out there.

One of the things that Maninder Chhabra credits for the rapid rise of CloudWick is the fact that they take great care of their customers. This has caused their customers to recommend the company’s services to their colleagues. This has resulted in rapid growth that otherwise would not have occurred. There is no substitute for great service. This is the mission statement of CloudWick.

Another key factor that has helped the company get to where it is today is their innovative technology. They always pay attention to what all of their competitors are doing. They then start to plan projects around beating their competitors in specific areas. The research and development department of CloudWick is the biggest and most expensive part of the company.

Aloha Construction: The Torch Award Winner For 2018

The Better Business Bureau provides good regulatory assistance for businesses in the US, and it honors many businesses with a variety of awards. The Torch Award just so happens to be one of those honors, and this award strictly goes to a company that has outstanding ethical practices. The process of winning this award is very meticulous as a panel will choose the overall winner. Aloha Construction has won the Torch Award for 2018 as it embodies what the Torch Award is to the highest degree. Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha Construction has steadily climbed the ranks of this demanding profession. The company provides a wide range of home improvement services, including stucco siding installation, chimney repair, kitchen design, bathroom repair, roof repair, roof installation, gutter repair and more.


The Torch Award has been in existence since 1996. Strong leadership and community involvement are some of the other qualifications that a company must possess in order to win this award. Aloha Construction personifies them all rather easily. “The work we provide is organic,” said Dave Farbaky, CEO of Aloha Construction. This particular company works in a large geographical region, including Southern Wisconsin and the entire state of Illinois. Thanks to the company’s great success, it has been to expand into more detailed work. In 2018, Aloha Construction launched its interior-restoration division.


Aloha Restoration is a new chapter in Farbaky’s playbook, and it offer services for water-damage restoration, fire-damage restoration and interior remodeling. What more could the community of Lake Zurich ever ask for? Aloha Construction also serves a variety of charitable organizations such as the American Red Cross. All in all, Aloha Construction of Lake Zurich, Illinois, is changing the game by setting new standards.

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History of OSI Industries Shared in

If you want a history of the Aurora Ill-based OSI Group, look no further than They recently told the story of one of the largest food providers in the world, which currently has more than 20,000 employees in 65 international locations.

The author started the well-written article by discussing the company’s humble immigrant roots. The first owner of the company, Otto Kolschowsky, nurtured the company in and around the Chicago area. In the post-war economic revolution of the 1940s, his two sons created an alliance with a promising startup called McDonald’s. This “fateful” partnership lifted both companies to astronomical levels that led to extreme growth. Find out more about of OSI at Craft

The article talks about the transition from what Otto & Sons to the OSI Group. Like McDonalds, OSI Group moved into the global market and aimed to provide products that were the same to each of their customers. The company took advantage of progress in technology, such as cryogenics, that allowed the OSI Group, also known as OSI Industries, to become one of four core suppliers of meat to the restaurant giant.

The article about the company’s history then discusses the company’s increase in production and its growth into the international market during the 1970’s. More recently, according to the author, OSI Industries expanded its product line to include sausages, chicken and other non-meat items. They also made inroads in the Asian market with partnerships with Japanese companies as well as standalone operations in the East, including in Bangalore, India.

The author also talks in detail about the expansion into Europe, such as the unveiling of a beef production plant by OSI Industries in Poland and involvement in a German trade platform. These developments are an impetus behind research and development efforts by the company, which includes two “culinary innovation centers” in Aurora and Shanghai. OSI Industries uses these facility to understand the effects of food production on the environment and passing down its “findings down the food chain.” They also earned green awards because of their efforts. Learn more:

Impressionable facts about Stream Energy

Stream energy has continued to offer sustainable energy to the people of the United States since its launch. The firm prides itself in the production of high-quality electricity and gas. It is among the firms that are rising fast in the industry, and today it has achieved a competitive advantage through the various community-based activities it has taken part in with the focus of helping people in the country acquire a better living. The company launched the Stream cares foundation, which is well known by many people. The brave step has enabled it to serve the people of Texas better, by improving their lives through offering energy at incredible services as well as offering good housing to the people affected by the dangerous Hurricane Harvey.

Being a customer oriented firm, Stream energy has also taken part in many other activities that aim at bringing better life in the country. It cares for its people and dedication it has continued to show towards helping them is impressive. The firm has also over the past years launched great programs that are customer centered. The ignition convention meeting that it launched years back also played a significant role in bringing changes in the society by making it better. The conference focused on offering free numerous training to any interested individual that showed passion for the energy industry. Besides, the firm also took the role of bringing its clients and partners together through the launch and this step boosted its performance. Additionally, the conference also enabled the team of Stream Energy to engage its client in discussions that focused on solving any issues that the firm experienced. The constant engagement of Stream Energy with its customers has served in their favor as it is a great step towards bringing changes in the company as well as the world.

The leaders of the company also aimed at expanding their services to many parts of the world. They believe that by doing so, the company will expand its scope in bringing help closer to its people. Besides, they also encourage other firm owners to operate their firms for then the benefit of the people in the local community.

With Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden shifts paradigm of healthcare IT

Drew Madden is a 15-year veteran of the healthcare IT space. He has worked for some of the largest companies in the industry, including as a C-level executive. He has helped build boutique healthcare IT companies from one-room operations into powerhouses boasting more than 750 employees.

But as he watched consumer healthcare costs continue to spiral out of control, Madden eventually came to realize that there was something profoundly wrong with the entire approach of the healthcare IT industry. He realized that the entire culture of the field was broken. This was the impetus behind his formation of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a healthcare consulting firm that has as its mission nothing short of saving the U.S. healthcare system from collapse.

Turning around a 100-car freight train

But the job that Madden and Evergreen have set before them is no small task. This is particularly true in light of the fact that Madden founded the company just over a year ago. In July of 2017, Madden and a few other choice people who shared his vision of completely overhauling how the healthcare IT field is approached got together. They sat in a rented board room and, as Madden jovially puts it, pretended they had a company until they actually did.

This marked the beginning of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Since then, the company has begun to spread out across different areas of the healthcare IT business. One of the areas in which it is currently fighting to combat inefficiency and abuse is the problem of information soloing. Electronic hospital records have traditionally been proprietary affairs, only being circulated within the hospitals and networks in which they were created. Madden and his team are now undertaking the life-and-death task of making these critical records compatible across all hospital networks within the United States.

Another area in which Evergreen is helping to shape a better future for healthcare is in the field of consumer health apps and platforms. Drew Madden says that healthcare consumers are often less well informed than people looking for the best Mexican restaurant in their area. Madden says that resolving this information barrier will do wonders for introducing real competition and driving down costs.