Alexei Beltyukov Gives Students a Sigh of Relief

Solvy will never know any better Chief Operating Officer than Alexei Beltyukov. This serial entrepreneur understands what it means to have a quality education. He knows how important it is for students to acquire it.

He has an MBA and a medical degree. High school educators, as well as their students, had a sigh of relief when Solvy was released.

Solvy is an online system that makes it possible for students and teachers to access math education online. The modern software makes it easier to solve math equations, graphs, tables and word problems online. They can also get an instantaneous response after they complete a test or drill.

According to Euro Hockey, Alexei Beltyukov is a board member at the Interactive Educational Services, so he knows the right direction that the educative software should take so that it becomes successful. Solvy seeks to make it easier for tutors to understand as well as manage their students’ assessments, and give them feedback even outside the classroom setting. It will, therefore, be a new way of learning math’s education.

Mathematics is one of the poorly performed subjects among the American students. It is for this reason that Alexei pioneered Solvy. Students will learn mathematics in a more interactive and tailored way.

The system will track performance, and give individual recommendations to help students perform better in Mathematics. Students will also understand how mathematics applies in the real world in play and work.

According to, Alexei Beltyukov reported that the software would assist the high schools that make the most use of it, to acquire an edge in Mathematics. Once teachers set the right parameters for their students, Solvy will generate quizzes and homework.

As a result, teachers will give assignments to individual students depending on their needs. Once it is implemented, the software will be integrated with other education services. Alexei will give the right guidance to see to it that Solvy becomes the most interactive tool for learning and teaching Mathematics.

The experienced entrepreneur has seen the success of different businesses including Endemic Capital, which he cofounded in 2013, New Gas Technologies, and A-Ventures. He is also the advisor to the Skolkovo Foundation president.

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