Brian Bonar, Ph.D. Passion is Given Back

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar, Ph.D. is an investor, CEO, Chairman and founder of Dalrada Financial Corporation in San Diego, Calif., who focuses on business process outsourcing and different types of insurance such as vision, dental, group dental coverage, among other insurance policies like worker’s compensation.

The firm offers financial services for businesses across the United States, since the early 1980s. Dalrada Financial Corporation provides business solutions to small- and medium-size organizations, which includes financial services in employee benefits and 401k retirement plans, as well as payroll processing, Human Resources (HR) administration, and staffing.

“My desire lies in leading high-performing players to create, develop and deliver collective design solution. I strive to construct client trust through each and every opportunity,” says Bonar at one point in time, as noted by Cooper Daniel on BitsyLine, Sept. 20, 2016.

Daniel goes on saying that Brian Bonar owns the chain restaurants, Bellamy’s Restaurant, where one-dollar of every dish that is sold is donated to food for kids. Bellamy’s Restaurant is based in San Diego. Daniel also say that Bonar’s future plans is to develop an upscale, elegant restaurant.

Scott Fasano’s Bloggy Blog says that as a Scottish financial expert, Bonar is highly successful in his career executing various position in financial services, marketing and sales fields. Bonar has been the President, CEO, Chairman, as well as Secretary of Trucept Incorporation, a firm helping small- and medium-size organizations in HR issues, in addition to being CEO and Chairman at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Because of Bonar’s many achievements throughout his career, he invests in charities as a way of giving back, and enjoys investing and giving to education, says Scott Fasano’s Bloggy Blog, Aug. 30, 2016. Bonar has also been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Brian [Bonar, Ph.D.] has the unusual combination of being able to analyze problems and issues and to clearly come up with solutions that are equitable for all parties. He is bright, articulate and has the ability to focus on ‘making things happen.’ He is trustworthy and will be truthful, no matter the outcome,” says Dr. Edward W. Savarese, on Bonar’s Linkedin page.

Both Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept Incorporation are a professional employer organization (PEO). Bonar developed these organizations as a PEO so that employers can provide services in business process outsourcing, payroll and HR administration, as well as training and developing, among other financial and business service solutions, ejohnson says. He uses Smart-Tek Automated Services, Incorporation to manage hours and payroll of employees in both firms.

Besides being a financial expert and giving to charities, Bonar enjoys his IT and restaurant businesses, and is known to serve as Board of Directors in the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego.