Tammy Mazzocco Cleveland Ohio Real Estate Practitioner

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate agent in Cleveland, Ohio and she is a typical, self-starting practitioner of the trade. Starting in 1999 as a property management employee, she reasoned that the money was in selling real estate, not in managing it. As she became licensed and trained, she learned the process by working with several mentors, and today counts her success as coming from focusing on what works and sticking with it.

She concentrates in initially working with leads that are obtained from sources such as Zillow, where prospective home buyers list their names and interests in the types of homes they might be looking for. After that initial effort, about 85% of her actual business comes from referrals and people with whom she has previously worked.

The Cleveland, real estate market, enjoyed a good ride in 2016, primarily because of a burgeoning job growth and low interest rates. According to the reality group RE/MAX, when people are working they buy houses, and even more so when financing options are favorable. Now the housing inventory has decreased a bit, and the interest rates are hovering around the 4% level. Mazzocco doesn’t worry too much about all of that because there is not much she can do about that anyway.

She admits to being originally slightly shy, and she overcomes that by engaging people in conversation and talking about them, and the shyness is quickly overcome. After all, a real estate transaction is all about the customer.

Housing market fluctuate anyway and you only need one buyer to purchase a house at a time, reasons Mazzocco, so she concentrates on finding that one buyer. Staying organized and focusing on priorities are the main points she attempts to accomplish on a daily basis. There are lots of buyers still in the market, and not so many homes. Mazzocco loves her work, so she stays in her element and works with one buyer at a time.

For more info, visit Tammy Mazzocco’s Facebook page. Follow her on https://twitter.com/tammymazzocco.